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Never a dull moment

After all of the medical trials and tribulations we have had with Ian, I thought we were well prepared for anything when Cole came along. I should have known that Cole wouldn’t repeat what we had already been through with Ian. No, he has to be unique in every way.

Since Cole has been in daycare from the age of 3 months, we knew he would catch every virus that ran through the place. That was a given. I didn’t expect him to have a cough that NEVER goes away. He has had a cough for about 2 months now with the exception of 10 days he was on antibiotics. After the antibiotics were done, the cough came back. Turns out the kid has asthma. The doctor hopes it will go away on its own after a couple years since we don’t have a family history of it. We get to have fun with daily nebulizer treatments for his asthma.

At Cole’s 9 month appointment we also discussed Cole’s dislike for all things solid food. The Pediatrician is a little concerned about a texture aversion and wants to have him evaluated by child development services just to be on the safe side. Since that visit we have been pushing solids harder at home and at daycare. He seems to be taking to them better now that we are getting better about offering them more. He will still have his evaluation, but hopefully they will find nothing of concern.

My super mellow baby has become quite the little fuss monster the past few days and his sleep has become a nightmare for me. It seems like he is trying to learn to crawl because he is constantly getting his knees under him in his crib and pushing up. I think he must be practicing at night and can’t sleep. He might be teething as well, because the last couple days he keeps refusing the bottle. I don’t remember Ian doing this. Maybe I blocked it from memory. I hope this developmental hurdle passes soon. I am dead on my feet right now.

Even with all these things going on, Cole is still a pretty happy kid. Adorable too.


You Capture – Lines


I have been taking a photography workshop this past month through Clickin’ Moms. I have been working hard at learning the technical basics (finally!). The class has been awesome, but has a lot of homework. Good homework though. We were in the mountains early last week and I was able to take out my camera and play a little bit. I was able to capture these great lines and thought of the prompt for You Capture this week. I wanted to play with the processing on this a bit too since all the images I take for the workshop are strictly SOOC. Hopefully I will have some images from the class I feel confident enough to share soon.


8.5 months old

Spring is here already and soon it will be the dog days of summer which means Cole’s first birthday is approaching faster than the speed of light. As each new stage arrives I love to soak it in. I feel a little sad at the same time since he is our last baby and we won’t experience the baby stages again. He is growing so quickly.

To make this post easier on my sleep deprived brain I am going to list milestones/likes/dislikes in a bulleted list.

  • Cole loves his pacifiers. He loves them so much he would shove two in his mouth at the same time if he could.
  • He still hates solids. We have tried many different kinds and flavors, but his gag reflex is still pretty sensitive. It is probably a texture issue as well.
  • No crawling or getting into the crawling stance yet. I can’t say I am disappointed. I am perfectly happy that we haven’t had to worry about baby proofing yet.
  • He doesn’t sit unassisted yet either. He can sit for a minute or so on his own, but is still very wobbly and really just prefers laying and rolling where he wants to go.
  • He LOVES to stand up. He doesn’t pull up on anything. I suspect though that if he figures out how to pull to stand before crawling, he may skip crawling all together.
  • Still not sleeping through the night. Ian didn’t get there until 10 months, so this doesn’t surprise me. Cole is also a crappy napper. His “naps” are 30-45 minute power naps. At daycare they might get 2 power naps out of him if they are lucky.
  • One of his nicknames is “monkey toes” because he likes to play with his toys with his feet.
  • He is babbling up a storm. I can’t get him to say the M sound though. It is not for lack of trying.
  • Cole thinks that Ian is hilarious and will laugh harder at the things Ian does than anyone else. The dog is also quite funny.
  • We have been battling cold bugs a lot lately. It’s the curse of daycare. However, everyone says they either get it now or when they start kindergarten.

Cole still tolerates me taking photos of him. Another reason I am happy he isn’t mobile yet and can’t run away from me. He is quite possibly one of the cutest babies ever.





You Capture – Black and White

It has been a while since I have participated in You Capture. When I saw the theme was B&W, I had to jump in. I had fun converting the photo of Cole and Ian and couple weeks ago. I took some cute pictures the other evening when I was practicing finding the light during the “golden hour”. Here is one of Ian that I love.


youcapture 4-1

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Baby Running Steps

I haven’t talked about running in a while. Not since my last post about being unhappy with the scale. My lack of talking about it may lead you to believe that I haven’t been running. The good news is that I have! The bad news is that my body is getting used to it all over again.

My joints, tendons and bones have to get used to all the abuse again. It seems that being a little bit older makes that just a little bit harder, but I know all things heal in time. I am better about stopping when I know I should instead of pushing through pain. As much as I hate taking time off when I feel like I *just* hit my stride again, I do it anyway, knowing that not doing it will make every ache 10 times worse. I am trying to be smart and build slowly on my mileage after a stupid decision causing an injury to my foot. I got a little crazy and ran 5 miles straight on a treadmill because I could, even though I shouldn’t have and injured my foot. Sometimes I just have to get hit over the head with the stupid bat.

I have also fallen back to tracking all the food I put in my mouth with My Fitness Pal. That first day when I put everything in and saw how many calories I was consuming on an average day (2300!!) I realized why I wasn’t losing any weight. It’s funny how quickly my eating habits fell back into days of old, with eating portions that were too large and all the snacking. So much snacking. I wasn’t eating unhealthy food for the most part just too much of it!

The scale is starting to move in the right direction now. I keep trying on my prepregnancy jeans to monitor progress since my scale is possessed and can give me no less than 4 different weights in the span of 5 minutes and have a 4 pound difference.

The most important part is I am feeling better about me.


Brothers in B&W

I find converting photos to black and white to be very challenging. There are some photographers who have mastered the black and white and I envy their talent. Black and white can really bring out the emotion of a photo. I haven’t gotten to the point of being able to capture true emotion yet. But, I still want to work on the art of black and white. Here is my first attempt at a conversion without using an action! I won’t lie, it took a while. I have a hard time with the skin tones either being too bright or too dark. I think they are a bit dark in this photo. I need to play some more to figure out how to fix that. If anyone has suggestions or comments, I am open to hearing them.


Photo Challenge Submission


MCP Project 12 – Leap

I took this pic while Ian was attending a birthday party. The lighting was pretty terrible for photographs, but I did the best I could under the circumstances. I wish I could have gotten better focus. My shutter speed was not fast enough for an action shot and I am still working on figuring out how high I can raise my ISO without excessive noise.

I did a lot of processing on this shot because I found the background to be very distracting. I wanted to desaturate it to make him pop out of the picture more. What do you think?

MCP Project52 hor sm Grab a MCP Project 12 Banner

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6 months old

A friend of mine once explained why time seems to move so much faster as you get older. I have forgotten the reason. I just know that it is true. I don’t know how it is possible that Cole is already 6 months old.

He is the most laid back child to ever inhabit the earth. Seriously.

He had RSV this past month and you would have barely known he was sick except for the fact that he was wheezing! He didn’t complain except when you sucked the snot out of his nose or wanted to do the breathing treatment (who wants a plastic mask over their face). The kid is the poster child for MELLOW. We are so lucky.

He is happy. Always happy. Except when you want to suck the snot out of his nose (can’t blame him).

Cole loves playing with his feet, chewing on  your hand/his hand/anyone’s hand, chewing on his teething key ring, standing up!, nursing, sleeping with Mommy, talking and watching the world around him.

Cole hates sleeping alone, napping, solids (yes, all of them) and having his face cleaned.

One of the things that I have found funny is that he has hit his rolling milestones on holidays. He rolled from belly to back on New Year’s Eve and from back to belly on Valentine’s Day (faux holiday). I predict crawling on St. Patrick’s Day.

6 month stats:
Weight: 14 pounds 6.5 ounces
Height: 25 inches


Resolution – MCP Project 12

I had good intentions to get this post done before 10 p.m. on the 31st. Procrastination is an old friend of mine. Anywho, I am participating in Project 12 in an effort to push my photography to the next level. I need to really get to know my camera and my editing software.

The theme for this month was resolution. I struggled with this. I am not a big fan of resolutions. As I was taking photos I realized that I tend to shoot from the same perspective and my resolution was born. To move my body more and to try new angles, new perspectives. I want to keep finding ways to make the shot interesting.


MCP Project52 hor sm Grab a MCP Project 12 Banner

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