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Picture Day – The Christmas Version


Week In My Life – Wednesday

As you probably noticed, I skipped Tuesday. Yesterday was a rough day. Jack had to fly up to Ohio to be by his mother’s side. She has been given very little time left to live. We knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I hate that I can’t be with him.

I decided to continue on with the project because I just don’t have the personality where I can quit something I started. I am crazy like that.

If you aren’t sure what Week In My Life is, hop on over to Adventuroo and check it out!


Today started out in the usual fashion. Up a few times last night to feed Cole and then we were up for good for the day at 7am. I laid in bed with him until Ian woke up at 8 and then we got ready for the day. Ian went to school for the first time this week. The morning was similar to Monday, but just not as laid back.

I usually pack Ian’s lunch for school and then don’t see him again until he is picked up in the afternoon (normally by Jack). However, with all the eating trouble Ian has had because of the ulcers in his mouth from the virus, I decided to go sit with him at lunch. I was so happy that he actually at a sandwich today! Peanut butter and jelly with the crust cut off. The past few days all I could get in him was yogurt, applesauce, milkshakes and chocolate milk. Progress!

After lunch with Ian I came home and had lunch myself, did a little cleaning and fed Cole a few times as well as getting him to take a few naps. I also caught up on Parenthood, which is the best show on TV. Love it.

I took some pictures of Cole since he turned two months this week. Love this one.

About 4:30 it was time to go get Ian from school. We also had to go to the grocery store so I could restock on soft foods for Ian to eat. I failed to take pictures at school pickup and at the grocery store. Getting Ian out the door at school is difficult, he is always wrapped up in playing something. I get so focused on trying to get him to leave and keep the other kids from putting their germy hands on Cole that picture taking is just not on my mind. At the grocery store I was just trying to keep my sanity.

Have you shopped with a nearly 5 year old? They want everything under the sun in the grocery store. Also, Ian kept putting his dirty hands all over the baby and then was trying to hand the shopping cart strap to the baby. Who likes to put anything in his hand in his mouth. Gross.

I felt like a broken record. Ian stop. Ian don’t give that to your brother. No you can’t have that. Stop putting your hands all over your brother’s face.

4 year olds have no concept of personal space.

When we got home from the store I showed Ian a present he got in the mail from his Aunt and Uncle. Such a cute sign for his door.

I also ordered The Lion King for him from Amazon, which showed up today. He watched the movie while I got dinner started.

As soon as I started cooking the ground turkey for the tacos, someone had to tell me that it was time for him to eat again.

Mom fail. Feed the baby before you start cooking. I had to turn the burner to low and give Cole a quick nursing session. I got dinner on the table. Tacos for me, peanut butter and jelly for Ian. He usually eats whatever Jack and I are having, but with his mouth in the shape it is in, I am giving him what works.

The old man also wants to be fed. Hunter is 11. He is always checking the floor for dinner casualties.

After dinner there was a just a little time left for Ian to watch some TV while I fed the baby again since he just had a little snack earlier. Then it was time for bed. Jack and I usually take turns doing bedtime. That hasn’t been the case as much since the arrival of Cole. Sometimes I am trying to get Cole to sleep or nursing when Ian goes to bed. So, Jack handles a lot of bedtimes with Ian until Cole is on a more regular schedule. With Jack gone, it’s all me.

Cole doesn’t always cooperate. I usually lay with Ian for a while after we turn the lights out and we just talk. Tonight Cole was fussing and I had to cut it short. I hate that I couldn’t give Ian the one on one attention he needs and deserves. The adjustment to two kids is a process, that’s for sure!

After Ian was “in bed” I came downstairs to get Cole to sleep and finally relax. That was short lived since Ian kept calling me back upstairs to fix his stuffed animal frog or turn his ocean white noise back on (which wasn’t actually off). We started putting a baby gate up in his doorway because for weeks he kept getting out of bed and sitting on the stairs and watching TV. We would find him there an hour after he was supposed to be asleep. That is why I have to go upstairs to tend to whatever is wrong or if I hear him trying to climb the gate.

Eventually I got to sit and watch Survivor in peace and enjoy a well deserved beer.


Week In My Life – Monday

Last year I read about a week in the life of Melissa over at Adventuroo. I was in awe of her ability to take on such a project. I loved the idea so much and thought how great it would be to tackle it myself someday. Well, it turns out that she is doing it again and invited others to do the same and link up with their posts on her blog. I decided to jump in to the project before I felt overwhelmed by it. I may not do every single day this week, but I will do my best. I am not getting fancy with my pictures. I am setting my Nikon to Auto, not worrying about editing them too much and just trying to show life as it happens.


Monday. Oh, this day kicked my ass to be quite honest. It all started at 1:30am when Cole woke up for a feeding. He was sleeping until 4ish in the morning for a while and the past couple nights that has stopped. He has gone back to waking multiple times at night to eat. It takes about an hour to feed him, get him back to sleep and then get myself back to sleep. After the 1:30 feeding I was up again at around 4:30am and again around 7:30am. At 7:30 I just pulled him out of his travel crib that is next to our bed and laid him next to me to nurse and then I dozed in and out of sleep until Ian came into the room. Ian got sick over the weekend and we had already decided to keep him home from preschool today. So, I was able to lounge in bed with the boys for a while before we got up for the day. We finally dragged ourselves downstairs around 8:30ish.

Cole hangs in the pack n' play while I get Ian's breakfast and mine ready

Ian is all about eating bagels. He would eat them everyday if we would let him.

I love this machine. When it works properly.

I can't believe I am actually putting a photo of morning me on the internet. It's all in the name of reality.

After we have had a chance to wake up and watch a little morning TV, it is time to get ready for the day. Now, if I wasn’t on maternity leave and Ian was going to school in the morning, this sequence would be completely different. The lounging around wouldn’t be happening and we would have been dressed and ready before coming downstairs.

I was lucky today and was able to take a shower while Cole hung out in his swing and Ian watched a television show in our bedroom. After showering I had to get some things done around the house.

Putting away the clean dishes from dinner the night before. I love how Ian has to smile for the camera.


After chores and lunch we had a little bit of time before I had to get the boys off to the Doctor. Cole had his 2 month well check today and Ian was getting seen for his illness, which turns out to be the hand, foot and mouth virus (yuck!).

Ready to roll

Driving (we weren't moving)


After the Doctor we had to run to the drugstore and then finally got home again. Going out with two kids alone is exhausting. When we finally got home, we saw Jack for about 5 minutes before he left to go play tennis. Shortly after he left all hell broke loose in the house. Cole started screaming and was a generally unhappy camper because of the shots he got at the Doctor. Ian has ulcers all in his mouth from the virus he has and they are so painful he can’t eat. So, I had two crying kids and no patience left. I didn’t get to eat dinner myself until 9pm tonight. Ian didn’t eat anything and poor Cole has been crying on and off.

I have plans to capture the afternoon and evening tomorrow, so hopefully it isn’t like tonight…




Ian loves his baby brother so much. He is very attentive and wants to make sure Cole is happy all the time. I am so amazed at how well Ian is adjusting to life with a new baby in the house.


My favorite photo

At least for now…

I took this on Mother’s Day and have a few of me and Ian together that I still need to edit. I am painfully slow at editing with Photoshop Elements, but I am trying desperately to get better at using that program and learning its functionality. I am also finally getting back to picking up my camera more frequently. It’s hard to get better at taking pictures when you aren’t taking them.

I am going to enter this photo in the Paper Mama’s photo contest since I love it so much! Check out some of the other entries.

The Paper Mama


Capture the Everyday – The Wave

This weeks assignment from Mel at Adventuroo was to capture a feature in your home that you love. I love a lot of things about our house, but as soon as I saw the assignment I knew exactly what I would take a picture of to share.

The Wave is a stained glass piece that was a wedding gift from my best friend’s mother and father. It was made by my best friend’s mother who I have known since I was a kid. She is an incredibly talented woman. She has this piece in her own home, but it is larger and a little different in color. The first time I saw the one in her home, I asked if she would ever make it again and she said probably not. It is a difficult piece to make. I had hoped to one day own one for myself. I loved it so very much. I was so surprised and touched that she remembered how much I loved it and gave me one of my own as a gift for our wedding.

This hangs in our breakfast area in the kitchen and gets wonderful light streaming through it most of the day.


Capture the Everyday

Melissa over at Adventuroo started a new photo challenge recently and has given some interesting assignments. Instead of picking up my Nikon this time around I thought it would be fun to play with Hipstamatic. It has been a while since I have used it and I forgot how much I love the results. While I love my Nikon, I had a hard time seeing how I could make the shot interesting without playing around a ton in PSE or Picnik. With Hipstamatic I get instant results!

This weeks challenge was – What’s on Your Nightstand

On my nightstand:

  • alarm clock
  • ugly lamp that I hate, but has been around since 1998
  • prenatal vitamins (only way I remember to take them is to have them in my face in the morning)
  • saline nose spray (still resting there from when I was sick for 3 weeks)
  • TV and DVD remote
  • drink coaster
  • kleenex
  • Ken Follet’s new book which is next on my list to read
  • a lot of dust (the amount of dust that collects in a matter of days in this house is incredible)

I hope some more people will join in the fun over at Adventuroo. This was definitely a great way to get me to think of how to make this shot different. Also, I needed to actually start taking pictures again. I have lost my mojo recently.


Picture Day – Winter Wonderland

I received some wonderful gifts for Christmas. My husband got me Photoshop Elements 9, which I have no idea how to use. I am hopeful I will have some time to check out some tutorials soon. Right now I am playing around trying to figure out the basics. I also got a Speedlight (Nikon SB-600), yay! The book that came with that is almost as thick as the one for my camera. Amazing that a flash can do so many things. My Dad was kind enough to get me a 35mm prime lens. It is an f/1.8 and is so sharp it is amazing.

I haven’t picked up my camera as much as I would like these past few weeks. I need to start participating in some of the weekly blog challenges again. I am finding that without natural light when I get home from work it makes hard to motivate to take pictures. Now that I have an external flash though, I really have less of an excuse.

In December we had a snow storm blow through the day after Christmas and I had fun playing with my new lens. Here are some of the pictures from that day.

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Picture Day – The Christmas Version

We are on speeding train towards Christmas and the final days of 2010. Where did this year GO? And how can I get some more shopping days until Christmas?!

I feel like I have barely had time to breathe much less do anything fun, like take pictures. It feels like a long time since I picked up my camera and played around. The other day I was inspired by the darkness of the living room and the shining lights on the tree. I love Christmas trees. I could sit in the glow of the lights on the tree for hours sipping hot chocolate. My husband thinks that is weird. When he came downstairs to a darkened living room and me happily snapping pictures of ornaments, he just gave me a look. It’s a good thing he is stuck with me.

This picture is SOOC. I was trying desperately to get a steady shot without a tripod. It was incredibly difficult. I really like how it turned out.

I give Jack an airplane ornament every year…

We started getting an ornament for Ian every year too. When he is older and has a tree of his own, we will have a nice collection to give to him.

This represents how life feels right now:

It’s all a blur. Someone stop the merry-go-round.

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You Capture – I Ate That


We went to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner this year. The good thing about going somewhere else is I am spared the all day cooking and cleaning that comes along with hosting Thanksgiving. The bad thing is you don’t have all the yummy leftovers. One of my favorite leftovers is pumpkin pie. I have only made it once and it turned out okay. I decided to try again this year to have one just for us and it came out perfect. I have finally gotten comfortable with changing up a recipe when I bake and cook. I think I am finally getting the hang of this cooking thing. It’s good to know that I have a little bit of my mother’s talent.


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