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I Have An Addiction

Hi. My name is Ann. I am addicted to photography workshops. I am currently taking my 4th workshop through Clickin’ Moms. This time it is Lifestyle Photography with Kids. The material so far has been amazing and the critique I have gotten from the instructor is thorough and detailed. I love this workshop and my classmates are incredibly talented. Here are my photos from the assignment for the first week. Feedback is always welcome!

I call this series The Joy of Homework:

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Busy Boy

One of Cole’s favorite things to do is to investigate every drawer and cabinet in the bathroom. He takes everything out that he can get his little hands on while I am getting ready for work. One morning I was getting dressed and came back to find that he had discovered how to operate a lotion pump. What a mess that was. I love watching his little mind work and discover something new.






Picture Day – The Ice Cream Cupcake Version

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Picture Day

I recently took another workshop through ClickinMom’s. This time I took Shooting 201: Beyond the Basics. I may have a bit of an addiction to these workshops. I have learned so much since I joined the CM community. I have another workshop starting next week and this one is about shooting in natural light. I tend to put a crazy amount of pressure on myself when doing these workshops because I don’t want to show other people pictures that suck ;). Here a few of my favorites from my shooting workshop that just wrapped up.

One other bit of news. I bought a new camera body and I am so so excited! I bought a used Nikon D700 from someone on CM. I am hoping this camera changes the way I shoot and what I can shoot. I have been so frustrated with my D5000 and its lack of low light capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great camera. I was just ready for something a little more powerful. I am hoping my new baby arrives later this week!

Okay, enough rambling. Hope you enjoy these!





You Capture – Blue

I have some beautiful shades of blue to photograph around my house. My favorite shades of blue are found in Ian, Cole and Jack’s eyes. It has been a while since Ian has been my subject and tonight I got an opportunity to take photo’s of his gorgeous eyes during golden hour. He was already in his pajamas and he chose his Halloween pair, in the middle of summer :P.

I have also noticed the richness of the colors of the hydrangea’s in my front flower bed every night when I pull in my driveway from work. I had to get some shots of those tonight too.

Go check out You Capture for more shots of Blue.


You Capture – Something I Did

In an effort to get out of the funk the trial left me in and to pick up my camera again I went on a mission to shoot something/anything!

One of the good things I got out of driving to the courthouse every day for a few weeks was some new routes downtown when traffic sucked on the highway. There was a morning that there was a major backup on the highway and I had to find an alternate route downtown. A fellow juror who lives in the same town as I do told me about her route downtown and I gave it a shot to avoid the pile up on I-40. As I was driving along I passed by an old Mill. I never knew it existed and immediately wanted to stop and take pictures. Sadly, I had to be in court and I don’t think the judge would have taken my photographic impulse as a good enough excuse for being late.

Today I took the day off to handle some things for Cole and decided that I was going to drive back to that old Mill. I wish I could have had more time to play with my camera. I had the kids with me. It is not ideal to stop paying attention to your kids and fiddle with your settings around bodies of water. This shot is far from perfect, but the vintage action (courtesy of the Pioneer Woman) makes me love it.

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You Capture – Lines


I have been taking a photography workshop this past month through Clickin’ Moms. I have been working hard at learning the technical basics (finally!). The class has been awesome, but has a lot of homework. Good homework though. We were in the mountains early last week and I was able to take out my camera and play a little bit. I was able to capture these great lines and thought of the prompt for You Capture this week. I wanted to play with the processing on this a bit too since all the images I take for the workshop are strictly SOOC. Hopefully I will have some images from the class I feel confident enough to share soon.


You Capture – Black and White

It has been a while since I have participated in You Capture. When I saw the theme was B&W, I had to jump in. I had fun converting the photo of Cole and Ian and couple weeks ago. I took some cute pictures the other evening when I was practicing finding the light during the “golden hour”. Here is one of Ian that I love.


youcapture 4-1

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Brothers in B&W

I find converting photos to black and white to be very challenging. There are some photographers who have mastered the black and white and I envy their talent. Black and white can really bring out the emotion of a photo. I haven’t gotten to the point of being able to capture true emotion yet. But, I still want to work on the art of black and white. Here is my first attempt at a conversion without using an action! I won’t lie, it took a while. I have a hard time with the skin tones either being too bright or too dark. I think they are a bit dark in this photo. I need to play some more to figure out how to fix that. If anyone has suggestions or comments, I am open to hearing them.


Photo Challenge Submission


MCP Project 12 – Leap

I took this pic while Ian was attending a birthday party. The lighting was pretty terrible for photographs, but I did the best I could under the circumstances. I wish I could have gotten better focus. My shutter speed was not fast enough for an action shot and I am still working on figuring out how high I can raise my ISO without excessive noise.

I did a lot of processing on this shot because I found the background to be very distracting. I wanted to desaturate it to make him pop out of the picture more. What do you think?

MCP Project52 hor sm Grab a MCP Project 12 Banner

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