Slow and Steady Wins the Race


on November 10, 2012


My sweet Ian,

I am late writing your birthday post this year. We have been so busy now that you are in kindergarten the days got away from me! I can’t believe that you are 6 years old. It seems like each year that passes it goes faster and faster. This past year has been a big year for you. You started Big Kid School and have weathered the transition so amazingly well. I am always so amazed at how you take on new challenges with gusto and rarely with any fear. You are such a confident boy and it makes me so proud.

You have become such a great big brother and Cole just adores you. You love him to pieces too and I love to watch the two of you play. Even when Cole is jumping on your back and smacking you on the head you laugh or try to gently guide him off you (most of the time) :).

We started trying out some sports this year with Soccer in the Spring and Tennis in the Fall. You have some natural athletic ability and love cheering on your teammates. I love watching you having fun with your friends, scoring goals on the soccer field or hitting a rally with your Dad in tennis.

You have grown so much this past year. You are such a sweet, caring, compassionate and smart boy. I count my lucky stars each and every day that we have you in our lives. You say “I love you” unprompted, several times a day, and still let me give you cuddles. You give some of the best hugs in the world.

I look forward to what this next year brings. Seeing the world through your eyes is such an adventure.

Love, Mama


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