Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Never a dull moment

on May 28, 2012

After all of the medical trials and tribulations we have had with Ian, I thought we were well prepared for anything when Cole came along. I should have known that Cole wouldn’t repeat what we had already been through with Ian. No, he has to be unique in every way.

Since Cole has been in daycare from the age of 3 months, we knew he would catch every virus that ran through the place. That was a given. I didn’t expect him to have a cough that NEVER goes away. He has had a cough for about 2 months now with the exception of 10 days he was on antibiotics. After the antibiotics were done, the cough came back. Turns out the kid has asthma. The doctor hopes it will go away on its own after a couple years since we don’t have a family history of it. We get to have fun with daily nebulizer treatments for his asthma.

At Cole’s 9 month appointment we also discussed Cole’s dislike for all things solid food. The Pediatrician is a little concerned about a texture aversion and wants to have him evaluated by child development services just to be on the safe side. Since that visit we have been pushing solids harder at home and at daycare. He seems to be taking to them better now that we are getting better about offering them more. He will still have his evaluation, but hopefully they will find nothing of concern.

My super mellow baby has become quite the little fuss monster the past few days and his sleep has become a nightmare for me. It seems like he is trying to learn to crawl because he is constantly getting his knees under him in his crib and pushing up. I think he must be practicing at night and can’t sleep. He might be teething as well, because the last couple days he keeps refusing the bottle. I don’t remember Ian doing this. Maybe I blocked it from memory. I hope this developmental hurdle passes soon. I am dead on my feet right now.

Even with all these things going on, Cole is still a pretty happy kid. Adorable too.


2 responses to “Never a dull moment

  1. mannel inc says:

    I know about the neverending cough…P had one and I won’t tell you how long it lasted but it did end. Eventually. She was this cute little tiny baby with a smokers cough. She would turn heads with it and to see the surprise on people’s faces when they realized it was her…for me, it was embarrassing, disheartening, many other words describe how I felt. I hope he gets over it/ through it/conquers it soon. JPM

  2. Ugh. I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much this year. It’s got to get easier, right? My hope is that these babies who’ve been so sick in their first years will be the healthiest kids in their kindergarden classes!

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