Slow and Steady Wins the Race

8.5 months old

on April 22, 2012

Spring is here already and soon it will be the dog days of summer which means Cole’s first birthday is approaching faster than the speed of light. As each new stage arrives I love to soak it in. I feel a little sad at the same time since he is our last baby and we won’t experience the baby stages again. He is growing so quickly.

To make this post easier on my sleep deprived brain I am going to list milestones/likes/dislikes in a bulleted list.

  • Cole loves his pacifiers. He loves them so much he would shove two in his mouth at the same time if he could.
  • He still hates solids. We have tried many different kinds and flavors, but his gag reflex is still pretty sensitive. It is probably a texture issue as well.
  • No crawling or getting into the crawling stance yet. I can’t say I am disappointed. I am perfectly happy that we haven’t had to worry about baby proofing yet.
  • He doesn’t sit unassisted yet either. He can sit for a minute or so on his own, but is still very wobbly and really just prefers laying and rolling where he wants to go.
  • He LOVES to stand up. He doesn’t pull up on anything. I suspect though that if he figures out how to pull to stand before crawling, he may skip crawling all together.
  • Still not sleeping through the night. Ian didn’t get there until 10 months, so this doesn’t surprise me. Cole is also a crappy napper. His “naps” are 30-45 minute power naps. At daycare they might get 2 power naps out of him if they are lucky.
  • One of his nicknames is “monkey toes” because he likes to play with his toys with his feet.
  • He is babbling up a storm. I can’t get him to say the M sound though. It is not for lack of trying.
  • Cole thinks that Ian is hilarious and will laugh harder at the things Ian does than anyone else. The dog is also quite funny.
  • We have been battling cold bugs a lot lately. It’s the curse of daycare. However, everyone says they either get it now or when they start kindergarten.

Cole still tolerates me taking photos of him. Another reason I am happy he isn’t mobile yet and can’t run away from me. He is quite possibly one of the cutest babies ever.





3 responses to “8.5 months old

  1. sarahhalstead127 says:

    Oh my!! He is too adorable. Love that last one.

  2. heidibird says:

    I have a son the same age! I don’t have any friends with children so it was really fun being able to read where your boy was at in his development.

  3. Jenna says:

    He is the cutest baby ever… well except for my own! hehe I am happy to see him but sad at the same time because by the time I get to meet him he will be 2! I love this age! Give Cole and Ian a big squeeze and a kiss from us!

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