Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Baby Running Steps

on March 13, 2012

I haven’t talked about running in a while. Not since my last post about being unhappy with the scale. My lack of talking about it may lead you to believe that I haven’t been running. The good news is that I have! The bad news is that my body is getting used to it all over again.

My joints, tendons and bones have to get used to all the abuse again. It seems that being a little bit older makes that just a little bit harder, but I know all things heal in time. I am better about stopping when I know I should instead of pushing through pain. As much as I hate taking time off when I feel like I *just* hit my stride again, I do it anyway, knowing that not doing it will make every ache 10 times worse. I am trying to be smart and build slowly on my mileage after a stupid decision causing an injury to my foot. I got a little crazy and ran 5 miles straight on a treadmill because I could, even though I shouldn’t have and injured my foot. Sometimes I just have to get hit over the head with the stupid bat.

I have also fallen back to tracking all the food I put in my mouth with My Fitness Pal. That first day when I put everything in and saw how many calories I was consuming on an average day (2300!!) I realized why I wasn’t losing any weight. It’s funny how quickly my eating habits fell back into days of old, with eating portions that were too large and all the snacking. So much snacking. I wasn’t eating unhealthy food for the most part just too much of it!

The scale is starting to move in the right direction now. I keep trying on my prepregnancy jeans to monitor progress since my scale is possessed and can give me no less than 4 different weights in the span of 5 minutes and have a 4 pound difference.

The most important part is I am feeling better about me.


2 responses to “Baby Running Steps

  1. Robin LK says:


    I’m pretty sure the same person who wrote your post today was writing mine, too! Seems our muses were on the same page …..

    I tried the My Fitness Pal app, but found I really prefer ‘old school’ tracking better… small notebook, bright orange, always close by. Regardless of the method, I had the EXACT same experience – nearly calorie for calorie – and with the same responses: an OMGosh realization, a thorough overhaul, and… quick feedback as the scale begins to move in the right direction. Thank goodness!

    I will take your 5-mile lesson under advisement, since I felt strong at the end of my 3-miler last Saturday. Was already plotting the increase in mileage, though I do have a plan mapped out; I’ll stick to the plan! 🙂 Weekdays (two) are treadmill (too early/dark out here in our rural community after last summer’s move), and Saturdays are LR days. Will keep the miles in check! 🙂

    Best part: you are feeling better about you. That’s awesome! I’m working on it. I feel productively happy, but still disgusted about gaining nearly 20 lbs of the original 40 lost ….. without a baby explanation! Ugh.

    Happy running and healthy eating, friend. Glad to know you’re back out there…

  2. Jenna says:

    Keep it up and you’ll be back to where you were before you know it. I have started running, I know the girl who would never run but there are days I can’t get to the gym and need some type of workout. My max will probably be 3 miles and never more than that because of my issues with my knees and feet. Right now I am at a run/jog/walk 2 mile. Still can’t run the whole thing. I almost have it to where I can run a full mile without slowing down to a walk. I never in my life thought I would ever be able to do that! Every day I grow stronger and the scale may not show it but I can tell when I get out there to run! I should check into the app your talking about. I know I eat way to many calories! I have never counted calories before and I am not looking forward to it but the older I get the harder it gets to keep extra weight off. It would be awesome if I could get off 10 to maybe 15 lbs. Although then I would have nothing to wear! lol

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