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Week In My Life – Wednesday

on October 13, 2011

As you probably noticed, I skipped Tuesday. Yesterday was a rough day. Jack had to fly up to Ohio to be by his mother’s side. She has been given very little time left to live. We knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I hate that I can’t be with him.

I decided to continue on with the project because I just don’t have the personality where I can quit something I started. I am crazy like that.

If you aren’t sure what Week In My Life is, hop on over to Adventuroo and check it out!


Today started out in the usual fashion. Up a few times last night to feed Cole and then we were up for good for the day at 7am. I laid in bed with him until Ian woke up at 8 and then we got ready for the day. Ian went to school for the first time this week. The morning was similar to Monday, but just not as laid back.

I usually pack Ian’s lunch for school and then don’t see him again until he is picked up in the afternoon (normally by Jack). However, with all the eating trouble Ian has had because of the ulcers in his mouth from the virus, I decided to go sit with him at lunch. I was so happy that he actually at a sandwich today! Peanut butter and jelly with the crust cut off. The past few days all I could get in him was yogurt, applesauce, milkshakes and chocolate milk. Progress!

After lunch with Ian I came home and had lunch myself, did a little cleaning and fed Cole a few times as well as getting him to take a few naps. I also caught up on Parenthood, which is the best show on TV. Love it.

I took some pictures of Cole since he turned two months this week. Love this one.

About 4:30 it was time to go get Ian from school. We also had to go to the grocery store so I could restock on soft foods for Ian to eat. I failed to take pictures at school pickup and at the grocery store. Getting Ian out the door at school is difficult, he is always wrapped up in playing something. I get so focused on trying to get him to leave and keep the other kids from putting their germy hands on Cole that picture taking is just not on my mind. At the grocery store I was just trying to keep my sanity.

Have you shopped with a nearly 5 year old? They want everything under the sun in the grocery store. Also, Ian kept putting his dirty hands all over the baby and then was trying to hand the shopping cart strap to the baby. Who likes to put anything in his hand in his mouth. Gross.

I felt like a broken record. Ian stop. Ian don’t give that to your brother. No you can’t have that. Stop putting your hands all over your brother’s face.

4 year olds have no concept of personal space.

When we got home from the store I showed Ian a present he got in the mail from his Aunt and Uncle. Such a cute sign for his door.

I also ordered The Lion King for him from Amazon, which showed up today. He watched the movie while I got dinner started.

As soon as I started cooking the ground turkey for the tacos, someone had to tell me that it was time for him to eat again.

Mom fail. Feed the baby before you start cooking. I had to turn the burner to low and give Cole a quick nursing session. I got dinner on the table. Tacos for me, peanut butter and jelly for Ian. He usually eats whatever Jack and I are having, but with his mouth in the shape it is in, I am giving him what works.

The old man also wants to be fed. Hunter is 11. He is always checking the floor for dinner casualties.

After dinner there was a just a little time left for Ian to watch some TV while I fed the baby again since he just had a little snack earlier. Then it was time for bed. Jack and I usually take turns doing bedtime. That hasn’t been the case as much since the arrival of Cole. Sometimes I am trying to get Cole to sleep or nursing when Ian goes to bed. So, Jack handles a lot of bedtimes with Ian until Cole is on a more regular schedule. With Jack gone, it’s all me.

Cole doesn’t always cooperate. I usually lay with Ian for a while after we turn the lights out and we just talk. Tonight Cole was fussing and I had to cut it short. I hate that I couldn’t give Ian the one on one attention he needs and deserves. The adjustment to two kids is a process, that’s for sure!

After Ian was “in bed” I came downstairs to get Cole to sleep and finally relax. That was short lived since Ian kept calling me back upstairs to fix his stuffed animal frog or turn his ocean white noise back on (which wasn’t actually off). We started putting a baby gate up in his doorway because for weeks he kept getting out of bed and sitting on the stairs and watching TV. We would find him there an hour after he was supposed to be asleep. That is why I have to go upstairs to tend to whatever is wrong or if I hear him trying to climb the gate.

Eventually I got to sit and watch Survivor in peace and enjoy a well deserved beer.


4 responses to “Week In My Life – Wednesday

  1. Alissa says:

    Great pictures of the kids. So sorry to hear about your husband’s mom. That’s so hard.

    Also, I adore the names of your kiddos.

  2. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a hectic day. Sorry about Jacks mom. I will be praying for them. Very hard for you too doing everything alone.

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    Well deserved indeed! I so remember those days with a baby and toddler (2 in my case). It never failed that as soon as I started giving the big girls a meal, the baby would wake up and NEED to be fed. Love the photos.

    • gabrielle says:

      So sorry to hear about your MIL. We’ll be thinking about y’all. Also, you’re a superwoman for being able to corral 2 kiddos all by yourself!

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