Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Picture Day – Winter Wonderland

on January 11, 2011

I received some wonderful gifts for Christmas. My husband got me Photoshop Elements 9, which I have no idea how to use. I am hopeful I will have some time to check out some tutorials soon. Right now I am playing around trying to figure out the basics. I also got a Speedlight (Nikon SB-600), yay! The book that came with that is almost as thick as the one for my camera. Amazing that a flash can do so many things. My Dad was kind enough to get me a 35mm prime lens. It is an f/1.8 and is so sharp it is amazing.

I haven’t picked up my camera as much as I would like these past few weeks. I need to start participating in some of the weekly blog challenges again. I am finding that without natural light when I get home from work it makes hard to motivate to take pictures. Now that I have an external flash though, I really have less of an excuse.

In December we had a snow storm blow through the day after Christmas and I had fun playing with my new lens. Here are some of the pictures from that day.


One response to “Picture Day – Winter Wonderland

  1. sarah says:

    beautiful photo! Love the last one.

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