Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Picture Day – The Christmas Version

on December 15, 2010

We are on speeding train towards Christmas and the final days of 2010. Where did this year GO? And how can I get some more shopping days until Christmas?!

I feel like I have barely had time to breathe much less do anything fun, like take pictures. It feels like a long time since I picked up my camera and played around. The other day I was inspired by the darkness of the living room and the shining lights on the tree. I love Christmas trees. I could sit in the glow of the lights on the tree for hours sipping hot chocolate. My husband thinks that is weird. When he came downstairs to a darkened living room and me happily snapping pictures of ornaments, he just gave me a look. It’s a good thing he is stuck with me.

This picture is SOOC. I was trying desperately to get a steady shot without a tripod. It was incredibly difficult. I really like how it turned out.

I give Jack an airplane ornament every year…

We started getting an ornament for Ian every year too. When he is older and has a tree of his own, we will have a nice collection to give to him.

This represents how life feels right now:

It’s all a blur. Someone stop the merry-go-round.


One response to “Picture Day – The Christmas Version

  1. sarah says:

    I love the first photo. Great job.

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