Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Green Acres – The place not the show

on October 19, 2010

That show actually wasn’t on TV when I was born, but it is what comes to mind whenever someone mentions Green Acres. What I am actually talking about is the little farm in the Cary/Morrisville area that has a corn maze, hay rides, farm equipment, bouncy houses and other fun things for kids.

We took a trip over there this past Sunday instead of going to the NC State Fair cause my legs and feet were like, No you will NOT walk all over the fair grounds after running 23 miles.

Ian had a blast. In fact when we got home that evening he kept saying “BEST DAY EVARRRR!”

Me, I thought it was a little over priced. $8 per person 4 yrs and older. I wish the pricing was little more tailored to what you are going to do there. My husband and I paying $8 each to essentially follow our kid around and take pictures of him was pretty ridiculous. I would have happily paid $8 for Ian (he is 3) to get in if that meant my husband and I didn’t have to pay. We certainly weren’t going to take him in the corn maze that could take over an hour to navigate. In terms of adult entertainment, that was about it for this place. Ian did want a pony ride and that was $5 (not included in admission).

Overall though, my kid had so much fun. Was it worth paying $16 for him to have the “BEST DAY EVARRRR”…yes, yes it was.

Poor guy got stuck on this part and a bigger kid had to pull him up


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