Slow and Steady Wins the Race

An Arsenal of Stuff

on October 12, 2010

I have an addiction to jeans. Specifically Lucky Jeans. Recently, I have stopped buying jeans to buy more running gear. As many before me have said, if someone tells you running is a cheap sport, they are lying. Especially if you are going to run a half or full marathon.

I went to my favorite running store yesterday, Fleet Feet (I love, love, love them). What was on my list of things to get? Socks and possibly a foam roller. What did I walk out the door with? Socks (Smartwool), new shoes (Saucony Progrid Omni 9), new SuperFeet to go in my shoes, a foam roller (The Grid), second skin and CEP recovery calf sleeves.

In my defense, I have been wanting all of these things, but didn’t really plan on buying them all at the same time. My fear of running long again made me decide that I needed an arsenal of stuff to make me feel better about my 23 mile run this coming Saturday. Plus, I did need to go ahead and get new shoes to start running in before my marathon because they will be my marathon shoes. That was the bulk of the money in my purchase. Those babies aren’t cheap. Don’t judge me. If you are a runner you know it is hard not to go crazy in a running store. I did manage to hold back on looking at the 3/4 running tights which I desperately want. It’s about the small victories people.

Let’s all hope that my new socks, the second skin and my new shoes will lead to a better foot experience with my next long run. Also, I hope that being sick for 2 weeks hasn’t absolutely killed my endurance.

Once I have had a chance to use all my new gear I will post some reviews.


One response to “An Arsenal of Stuff

  1. gabrielle says:

    Hope the socks work for you! Smartwool is all I will run in. Their ‘normal’ socks are pretty awesome, too, but I find it hard to spend that kind of money on non-activity specific socks. 😉

    Good luck on your long run! You can do it!

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