Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I want out of Funkytown

on October 4, 2010

I have a cold. It won’t go away.

My son brought home the Funk from school. He has had a cough for a couple weeks now. The Funk passed to my husband and then it passed to me. Now I think we are all passing it around again. I have been sick for over a week now and that is something that hasn’t happened in a couple of years. Running has boosted my immune system and I was usually able to fight off most colds after a few days. This time the superbug of all bugs has invaded and I can’t shake it loose.

That means that I didn’t run at all last week. I was feeling okay enough to participate in a StrollerThon on Saturday, which was a 3 mile walk. I was wiped out for the rest of the day after that. I know one week of not running won’t be a big hit to my endurance. But, TWO weeks. Uh oh.

I am hopeful that I can run later this week. I may have to just do some easy run/walks if I can to maintain. The good news is this is my second step back week after 20 miles. So, I won’t have a long run looming on Saturday. The scary thing is that I have 23 miles on the schedule for the 16th (also my 34th birthday – who runs 23 miles on their birthday!). I still have fear about that and even more so with no maintenance runs up to this point.

I have read enough blogs to know that people have gotten sick in their training cycle and lived through the marathon or half marathon. If you have experience or advice to share, please do!


2 responses to “I want out of Funkytown

  1. janet says:

    maybe you’re a candidate for the neti pot? oh at BTW – welcome to group childcare!

    • Ann says:

      The good part is that my nose isn’t stuffed up anymore. That was the fun from last week. I am hoping to get back on the road tomorrow for a run. Wish me luck!

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