Slow and Steady Wins the Race

12 miler

on July 19, 2010

This past Saturday I set out for my 12 miler with Amy.  She was kind enough to accompany me for 7.5 miles on my long run (Thanks again Amy!).  I wasn’t all that worried about the distance since I had done 10.5 just a couple of weeks ago.  I did want to make sure that I was well prepared for the distance though.  I ran 6 miles last weekend and it did not go well (not enough sleep, not enough food and just a bad run day).  I got up bright and early at 5:45 a.m. since we were meeting at 7.  I had a new flavor of Gu to try, Tri-berry and some Gu Chomps.  My fuel belt was full of ice water.  I was ready to go.

I must have misread some directions for my Garmin when I first got it because I thought that if I set it for intervals it wouldn’t track pace and distance anymore, I was wrong about that.  Anyway, I had tested out the interval timing with my watch on a midweek run and set it up for 3:1 intervals for our long run.  Those were going well for a good portion of the run.

We fueled at mile 4 and that is when I realized that I had lost a whole unopened pack of Chomps.  I had the Gu still, but my fuel for the rest of the run was gone…uh oh.  I decided to shake it off and tried not to dwell on it and gave the Tri-berry a go.  It was MUCH better than the chocolate.  The texture is still very pudding like, but I was able to get past that with the flavor.  I can overcome the texture issue with the use of water.

I was scanning the trail after our turnaround in hopes of finding where my Chomps had bounced out of my fuel belt pouch, but never did see them.  About mile 6, I was really feeling tired in the last minute of the 3 minutes of running, so I decided to drop down to 2:1 intervals.  Those were much better for the rest of the run.  At 7.5 I waved bye to Amy and continued on.  By mile 8 I was feeling the effects of no fuel and the heat.  I wasn’t feeling bad, but I knew I was going to have to walk through some of my running intervals.  I did and that’s okay.  The point is to be on your feet for that long, not how fast you finish.  Plus, without any fuel I figured it was best to conserve energy.  Towards the end of the run as I was just trying to make it back to my car I kept using the mantra, you can do anything for a minute.  What is really funny about this is, I used this mantra when I was in labor to get through contractions.  The pain at the end of a 12 miler is nothing close to labor, but you gotta do whatever works.  Running is mostly mental.

As I neared the parking lot at the end of my run I heard the sound of gravel crunching and a bike desperately trying to stop right behind me.  There was no one beside me and nothing blocking a biker from going around me and so I turned, freaked out and pissed off to find a kid of about 12 years old about an inch from running me over with his bike.  I said “WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?” and the kid just gives me a dumb look.  His father or the adult he is with finally says to him, just go around.  The kid finally starts to go around WITHOUT EVER SAYING A WORD TO ME.  So, I had to say to the group of them – you need to call out before you HIT someone.  Jeez.  Teach your kids some trail etiquette before you go biking on a VERY busy trail with runners, horse back riders and other bikers.  It was only after I told them they needed to call out that the ADULT with them finally apologized for almost creaming me.  Nothing like almost having a bike up your butt to get your heart rate even higher than it already was.

Even with the lost fuel and bike incident, I survived.  12 miles in 2:35:00 with an avg. pace of 12:54 per mile.


One response to “12 miler

  1. Amy W says:

    Sorry I couldn’t stick with you for the whole 12! I was pretty sore the next day. Pretty pathetic! I attempted to run all the half mile back to my car, and my legs felt like jello.

    And yea, that was pretty crappy of that kid.

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