Slow and Steady Wins the Race

With a little help from my friends

on June 29, 2010

My long run of 9 miles last weekend was actually pretty awesome.  As you all know I have been hating summer.  The weather didn’t change, but I did have something to keep my mind off of the heat and soupy air, new running friends!  An awesome chick that is an HR Manager for another game company locally invited me along to run with her group this past weekend.  Now that I am getting over my fear of running with others I said, hell yeah!  It helps that we had discussed running a bit before and I knew that she ran the same pace as me AND uses the Galloway method.  Her group was doing 7 miles and so I just tacked on 2 more after I finished running with them.  We chatted it up the whole time and sometimes would get so into our conversation, we would forget we were running!  I am really starting to dig this running with others thing.  Doing long runs alone will be difficult now that I have found the joy of meeting and running with new people!

I also got to run on the American Tobacco Trail for the first time.  LOVE!  It is flat, shaded and is dirt which = soft on my knees/ankles/hips.  I am looking forward to going back!

9 miles took me an hour and 55 minutes.  Avg pace of 12:48 per mile.  That is actually a bit faster than I am supposed to be running on the long runs, but I just wasn’t paying attention to pace since I was too busy talking!


One response to “With a little help from my friends

  1. Amy W says:

    Yea! Glad you like the Tobacco trail. We will have to plan another run soon!

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