Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When Life Gets In The Way

on June 21, 2010

My training last week was up and then down.  I had one great day of running and then a bad day of running.  I must admit that the bad day was completely my fault.  I ate food that is not supposed to go with running: fried cheese, french fries and beer.  I only had one beer, so it wasn’t like I was drunk running which might be kinda funny but mostly dangerous.  The run after that bad meal choice was probably the worst I have ever felt while running.  I wanted to hurl with each step.

I was supposed to do a long run of 9 miles this past weekend.  I wanted to go, but really just couldn’t .  My husband went out of town and that meant I would have had to push the kid in the jog stroller for 9 miles.  It was also in the mid 90’s with crazy humidity all weekend.  I think I probably would have died if I had even attempted to do that.  I also had no idea how I was going to keep my son from going bananas being stuck in the stroller in the heat for about 2 hours straight.  Add in all the things I really needed to do around the house over the weekend to get ready for the coming week PLUS father’s day to celebrate with my own Dad and life just got in the way.

Now I have to figure out how to make this work for my training schedule.  I guess I will have to do my long run this weekend and skip my step back week.


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