Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Opportunity Knocks

on June 15, 2010

Last night I went outside to water my little container veggie garden and noticed that the air wasn’t like soup.  There was a little bit of a breeze.  It wasn’t soul crushingly hot!  I felt an opportunity and I had to take it.  I just had to go for a run.  After all my whining about the heat lately, I knew that this was a rare moment and I would kick myself if I didn’t take advantage of it.  I rushed my poor kid through his bed time routine and threw my running clothes on.  Then I asked my husband to finish putting Ian to bed so I could get out the door BEFORE THE HUMIDITY COMES BACK!  I was thinking the humidity would know I planned on going for a run and would saturate the air again before I had a chance to get out there.

I am so freakin’ happy that I took that opportunity.  I NEEDED to remember why I am training for a marathon, why I run in the crazy heat in summer or cold in winter.  My legs felt strong.  I could breathe!  I was fast!  My body was working for me and not against me.  My frustrations from the work day melted away.  I was happy.  Endorphins rock!


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