Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The heat is my nemesis

on June 14, 2010

My training this past week was rough.  My legs feel like they have cement blocks tied to them and my chest feels like it has an elephant on it.  I am so very close to saying to hell with running outside and joining a gym.  The one problem with that is I still have to do my long runs outside.  I will not run double digits on a dreadmill.  That means that I will have to join the people that get up at crazy hours in the morning to go running.  I am slow after all and it takes me a long time to run 9 miles (on deck for this weekend).  I just loathe the thought of running on a treadmill though and haven’t given in quite yet.  I will probably be singing a different tune after my weekly runs this week since we are supposed to be in the 90’s all. week. long.  When did it become August?

Back to my runs this past week.  The 5 miler was tough and I had to do a lot of walking to cope with the heat and my heart rate going off the charts.  I couldn’t run very long even on downhill sections without my Garmin beeping at me about my heart rate.  On Saturday I walked 4 miles with my son in the jog stroller.  I did some jogging stints here or there to get my heart rate in the appropriate zone, but didn’t have to do that very much since pushing 45 pounds around is a pretty good workout all by itself.  Sunday I set out on my own with intentions of running.  It turned into walking with some jogging thrown in.  I was soaked with sweat about a tenth of a mile into my workout.  I felt like I was running in place in a steam-room.  I again battled the problem with my heart rate going nuts when I tried to run and I just couldn’t breathe.  I am starting to consider carrying ice water in my fuel belt just to dump on my head.

It is going to be a very long summer if these are the temps I have to contend with for the next few months.  Someone send a cold front my way.


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