Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Random Facts

on June 2, 2010

Robin tagged me for The Versatile Blogger Award!  Thanks, Robin!  Now I have to share 7 random things about myself:

1)  I attended 5 colleges in my pursuit of my Bachelor’s Degree.  Yes, I said 5.  3 of them were Community Colleges in various parts on North Carolina (Coast, Mountains, Piedmont – I like to mix it up).  The other 2 were Universities.  I eventually finished my degree at Appalachian State University at the age of 24.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Go Mountaineers!

2)  I work in the Video Game Industry.  My company develops video games for the major consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc.).  I don’t do the actual development.  I am the HR Dept. (yep, just me) so I hire the people who do the development and do all the other HR type stuff.  I NEVER thought I would end up in this industry, but I do love it and feel very fortunate to work with some very talented and extremely intelligent people.  Before you ask, no I can’t get your kid/husband/friend a job.  I do give advice on how to break into the industry though.

3)  I did a short study abroad program in my Senior year of college.  We went to Scandinavia for 3 weeks in the summer and visited different businesses to learn about different work cultures (I was a Biz Mgt. major).  After the school part of the trip I did some additional traveling with friends.  One of the best experiences of my life.

4)  I was highly involved in Theatre when I was in High School (school and community theatre).  I never liked acting very much, but I loved directing, running lights and stage management.  I think there might be a VHS tape of me in the play Annie somewhere in my house.  I was an extra.  That tape should really be burned.

5)  Until recently I never gave much thought to where our food came from and what it has on it or in it.  Now that I have a kid I have started to read more about pesticides, etc. on food and watched the movie Food, Inc. which was very disturbing.  I am trying to make changes to get away from the Industrialized food machine.  I have recently planted a veggie container garden and so far I haven’t killed any of the plants.  I would really like to source our meat from somewhere other than the large manufacturers, but haven’t made that step yet.  I tried vegetarian many years ago and it just isn’t for me.  We do have meatless dinners at least a few times a week though.

6)  I keep saying never about things and then end up doing them anyway.  For example – Early 20’s – I will never get married and have a kid (got married, have a kid).  Friend from work talks me into training for a 5K – I said I will never run a distance beyond 3.1 miles in the beginning of training cause it was so freakin’ hard (I have run a half marathon-13.1 miles).  After the half marathon and while in post half pain – I said I will never run more than 13.1 miles (I am training for a marathon).  Apparently me saying never about something means that I will eventually do it.

7)  I love The Beatles.  Favorite. Band. Ever.  I collect albums on vinyl.

That was A LOT harder than I thought it would be.


5 responses to “Random Facts

  1. Yay!! I was excited to see your list and now I KNOW we MUST meet one of these days! 🙂

    I’ve got much more to add re: your 7 pearls of insight about yourself, but alas, I’m late for work. Ugh! So glad summer is only a week away.

    Will be back later today to add my thoughts. ‘Til then, I’m off to tell the Hubs that you work in the Gaming Industry. He, an AVID gamer, will be stoked. Your coolness factor just increased exponentially in his world (and he already thought you were cool w/ your cute pics of little one…smile).

    HUGS from Orlando! Thanks for sharing. Now, I’m off to shower and sing Beatles tunes (also a fave of mine!)


    • Ann says:

      I look forward to meeting you one day too! All the race reports I read about Disney races make me want to come to FL and run one myself. Hope we will be able to run one together!

  2. Amy W says:

    I am up for 7.5 on Sunday…want to run together? Don’t worry, my pace is yours now, somewhere I lost the ability to run faster than 11:00 mile lately. Email me at amy underscore trice at yahoo dot come and we can set a time and meeting place! I am very tired of running alone….

  3. Amy W says:

    And I don’t mean for that to sound mean about the pace, I just think for me running slower is better lately, and you said you were in the 10 minute mile pace. I am a turtle these days!

  4. I’m on a big kick with #5 too! I studied abroad in Spain during college– it’s a life changing experience huh? Cool getting to know you a little more– we’ll have to meet in person!

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