Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Full Circle

on April 28, 2010

I have just finished running 5 miles and did it in, 58:40, a new personal best.  This got me to thinking about the first time I ever ran 5 miles.  I had to go back through my blog to figure out when that was and it was slightly over a year ago, but still in April 2009.  I didn’t put my times into my blog back then, I guess because I was embarrassed by how slow I was, but I did track them in and I did my first 5 miles in 1:10:00.  I have shaved a good amount of time off of my pace since then.  I also tracked my weight in Map My Run and I am also a little over 10 pounds lighter than I was this time last year.  It is so easy to forget how far you have come when you get so focused on the here and now.  I really need to make an effort to look back at where I was then to appreciate where I am now.

Stats for the run:

Mile 1 – 12:18 (avg hr 156 bpm)
Mile 2 – 11:24 (avg hr 169 bpm)
Mile 3 – 11:59 (avg hr 170 bpm) – snot issues on this mile
Mile 4 – 11:33 (avg hr 175 bpm)
Mile 5 – 11:26 (avg hr 174 bpm)

Another major accomplishment for me on this run was I didn’t walk unless I was having issues with snot.  My nose runs constantly when I am running and I have blow my nose while running.  That is not really an easy task for someone as uncoordinated as I am.  Also blowing your nose while trying not to mess up your breathing cadence…not easy.  I find it is easier if I walk for the few moments it takes to clear my sinuses.

The power of positive thought really helped when I wanted to walk up some hills.  I focused on shortening my stride and looking at the path right in front of me instead of how much farther I had to go up the hill.  Then, when I got to the top it felt so good to coast down the other side.

On a completely separate topic – I have decided that Daily Mile lacks many things.  I started using Daily Mile for the social aspect and stopped using Map My Run and now I wish I had kept using Map My Run.  I know I can still go back to MMR and put my training in, but ugh, what a pain in the ass.  I wish Daily Mile would incorporate two things into their training tracker – Gear tracker and Weight tracker.  I loved those two things on MMR.  I like to track the miles on my shoes and enter my weight when entering training so I can see my progress.  Hmmm, I wonder if Daily Mile would add these features…


3 responses to “Full Circle

  1. You know, I never *thought* of trying to blow my nose as I ran. I don’t think that’d work well (looks down at two left feet)–nope. Calamity would ensue. Congratulations on your personal best!

  2. Amy W says:

    I don’t use Daily Mile or MMR. I use My Fast Feet and Running Ahead. I know, random.

    Good job on getting faster and stronger!

  3. LOL… I read this post the other morning, on my BB, while driving to work (at red lights ONLY), and LOL’d!! The snot info (and the word ‘snot’) cracked me right up.

    Way to rock the one-year improvement, friend!! I love looking back, but honestly, I continue to be slow. It’s just not that important to me to get faster, per se, as it is to endure the longer distances. 5Ks are NOT my friend. Ha Ha! Just when I get going, we’re done! 😦

    As for DM, my issue with them is whatever you post goes right to the web, accessible in a search. I don’t like that, and have backed off using them lately.

    HUGS from Orlando!

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