Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Cary Road Race 2010

on April 10, 2010

One of the things I love about this race is the 5K starts at 9:45 in the morning.  I can get up at a reasonable hour instead of OH MY GOD IT IS SO EARLY.

My brother-in-law and his family were in town the past couple of days and they all ran this race with us.  My sister-in-law actually walked it with my two nephews and pushed Ian in the jog stroller for us.  Jack was able to run unencumbered.  My friend Gabby came out for the race too!

The thing I forgot about this race and that really sucks is the first mile is pretty much a steady incline.  I was thinking there was just one big hill but really it is up, up, up.  However, this is really  nice once you hit the turnaround.  I was trying really hard to not go out too fast.  I didn’t manage to do that.  On the last large incline I was trying to run all the way up it and looked at my Garmin to find my heart rate at 181.  Bad, Bad, Bad.  So, I had to stop and walk.  Once I got to the top and caught my breath I started running again and felt good once I got to go back down the hill.  I picked up some speed too going down the hill.  Mile 2 was my fastest mile – ever.  Between mile 2 and 3 I was pushing too hard and wasn’t keeping a consistent pace.  I would look at my watch and find myself running at a 9:30 pace.  Uh, way too fast.  I had to stop and walk several times to try and get my heart rate down and to catch my breath.  I was huffing and puffing.  I was still on pace though to make it to the finish line in 35 minutes.

Once I had about a half mile left to go I had the internal battle going on to keep running and not walk.  I knew if I kept walking I would blow my time goal.  I was frog leaping with this group of women.  I would run and pass them, then I would walk and they would pass me.  They served as my motivation to move my feet!

Then I looked down to check my time on my Garmin.  It was dead.  Shit.

Before the race I got the dreaded batteries low message.  Funny thing is last time I used it, the battery meter showed it was still full.  I know, I know, I should have checked it/charged it the night before.

I knew I didn’t have much farther to go until the finish line, but now I had to run.  Hard.  I couldn’t chance guessing how much longer I had to make it to finish line in 35 minutes.  The last time I had looked at my watch it was at around 28 minutes.  And that was at a little over 2.5 miles.

I ran as hard as I could when we made the last turn for the finish line.  I was so excited to look at the clock when I got to the finish line and then was crushed when I saw that it was still set for the start of the 10K race.  So, it said 1:48:xx when I crossed.  The 10K started about an hour and fifteen minutes before the 5K.  I thought maybe I finished the 5K in around 33 minutes subtracting an hour and fifteen from the finish time on the clock.  I thought that was too fast though, but went with wishful thinking.

My official finish time was 35:00 flat!  Hell yeah, I will take that.  I met my goal and set a new 5K PR!!

Before my Garmin died this is how I was doing:

Lap 1: 11:31
Lap 2: 10:18 (wheee…going downhill)
Lap 3: only .81 before death – on pace for an 11:18 mile

I beat my time from last year by 2 minutes and 39 seconds.  Awesome.  Sorry there are no pictures from this race.  I forgot the camera :(.  We were also wrangling 3 kids which was hectic all by itself.


4 responses to “Cary Road Race 2010

  1. gabrielle says:

    Yay! You did it! I’m so happy for you!

    And thanks for getting me out running again! I definitely needed some kind of motivation to get moving, and I think today was it. As hard as it was, it was also great fun. 🙂

  2. swellmama says:

    Congrats, Ann! You continue to kick ass!!

  3. Amy W says:

    Good job! I am doing a 10K in May in Garner (it has a 5K option too) if you are interested…

    • rubber7soul says:

      Which race is it? I need to do a 10K so I have a reason to run more then 4 miles. I have slacked off in a big way since running the Half.

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