Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The magic of a 3 day weekend

on April 5, 2010

Work has been stressful lately.  And by lately I mean like the past 4 months.  I really needed a long weekend of doing stuff around the house and the yard and not much else to recharge my batteries.  This past weekend was just what I needed.  The weather went from Winter to Summer in about a second.  I would like to go back to Spring, but Mother Nature can have the pollen.

I had a nice run on Friday morning and it was just before the pollen cloud rolled in.  My run was once again concentrating on Zone 4.  I am fighting less with my heart rate monitor/Garmin now than I was in the beginning of Zone 4 madness.  My running intervals are getting longer and longer before I hit Zone 5.  I have also found that when I am running my pace has increased.  I am hopeful that I will be able to run the Cary Road Race in under 35 minutes.  My husband and brother-in-law are running with me and both of them run faster than I do, so I will use them as motivation to move my feet!  My sister-in-law is going to walk it with my nephews and Ian in the jog stroller.  So sweet of her to take over pushing Ian so Jack can run without pushing 40+ pounds of kid and stroller.

Friday was also the day of yard work.  We have been wanting to plant some trees in our backyard.  Since we have moved in we haven’t taken the time to do any landscaping back there.  Plus, plants/trees are expensive.  Our neighbor told us about a nursery in Angier that sells trees for dirt cheap.  We are all about dirt cheap plants.  So off we went to the land of cheap trees.  It was everything we were promised.  They have just about anything you could possibly want treewise.  They have shrubs and other plants too, but we were on a tree mission.  I got the Cherry Tree I wanted for $15!  A 7ft tree!  For $15!  AND a 7ft Red Maple for $10!  When the guy told me how much he wanted for those trees I almost fell over.  We took our dirt cheap trees home and dug the holes for them.  The digging almost killed me in the heat.  We also have clay soil which is kinda like digging through cement.  Jack also ran off to Lowe’s to get some soil conditioner and some flowers for the flower beds in the front yard.  It was gardeningpalooza.  My body is still sore.

Ian is excited that we bought cheap trees

Saturday was a fun filled day of spring cleaning the house and Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  The Easter Bunny brought Ian a Nerf gun.  Not sure what she was thinking when she bought that.  Once he saw the Nerf gun he didn’t care about the candy in the basket.  We had a nice little indoor egg hunt.  There really isn’t anywhere to hide eggs in our backyard.  It is a big patch of grass with a fence around it (and our brand new dirt cheap baby trees).

Ian with his shiny new Nerf "blaster"

All of that adds up to a perfect 3 day weekend.  I actually didn’t mind going in to work today.  I am going to enjoy my bliss this week before it all gets ugly again next week.  Ian’s surgery is looming.  I am trying not to think about that until I have to…


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  2. Robin says:

    Oh,and trees make me happy, too! 🙂

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