Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Matters of the Heart

on March 3, 2010

Yesterday I started looking around for information on heart rate training.  Ever since I got my Garmin and have been studying the data, I have seen that I run in Zone 5 pretty much all the time.  According to the calculators for max heart rate, I top out around 188 beats per minute.  I think that is pretty accurate too since I wore a heart rate monitor for a while before I got the Garmin and noticed when I hit around 185 I would soon crash and burn.  So, I figured I would look into the whole Zone thing.

Let me tell ya, there is a lot of conflicting information out there on this topic.  I am thoroughly confused.  I think I have discovered though that I need to run slower at a lower heart rate if I want to get faster.  Talk about a head scratcher.  The human body is a mystery to me and exercise science..forget it.  That is why I need a good old training plan to tell me what to do.  I will have to look around for some books on this whole heart thing to figure it out.

The point of this post was to say that I had the intention of running in Zone 4 today.  I set up the Garmin to yell at me when my heart rate got above or below the parameters for that Zone.  I was all excited to see what pace I would have to stick to and just how slow it would be!  I mean I am already slow.  This could turn into speed walking…seriously.  I dig in my bag for my chest strap and come up empty.  Left the damn thing at home.  I did the next best thing and just ran as slow as I thought possible without walking.  Turns out that pace is about 13 min./mile for me.  My legs were burning too from trying to go sooo slow.

What I find really interesting is that about this time last year 13 min./mile would have had me huffing and puffing.  It was a struggle.  Today I could have belted out song lyrics while running (not that I would, my signing is terrible).  That is one of the cool things about this blog.  I can look back to a year ago and see what I was doing – pace, distance, etc. and see just how far I really have come.  Yay me!

And I can’t have a post titled matters of the heart without a pic of my two favorite people in the world, my husband and son.  This was taken on my phone the day before the Crystal Coast Half.


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