Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Now what…

on March 2, 2010

I am coming down from the high of finishing the half and have already started asking the question…Now What Do I Do?!  I am a goal driven person.  I need a PLAN, I need something to strive for and I am a little lost at the moment.  For almost an entire year I have been training with a goal of running a half marathon.  It was the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.  Now that I have reached the elusive pot of gold I don’t know what to do with myself.

I am participating in the Pay It Forward 500 Mile Club and have a goal of running 500 miles this year and donating .10 cents a mile to The Parker Reese Foundation.  While this is a wonderful goal and I will be proud to achieve it, I need more.  I would like to get faster and set a new PR for a 5K, but I don’t know what a realistic speed goal is for me.  Going a distance seems so much more attainable and definable to me than getting faster.

Train for a marathon, you say?  I just don’t have the desire (at least I don’t right now, never say never).  I know for a lot of people that is the next logical step, but it just isn’t one that is attractive to me.  I have found that 13 miles is really the longest distance I want to run.  I will do another half at some point, but the first one was painful.  I don’t see myself doing more than 2 a year.

So, I will throw this question out to bloggy land…

When you accomplish a long-term goal, how do you find/set your next goal?


4 responses to “Now what…

  1. rundadrun says:

    I like the idea of the Pay It Forward Club. Why don’t you train for another half. I know my second one hurt a lot less and I ran it faster. Good job on working on a new goal to stay motivated.
    Happy running,

  2. Lisa says:

    To figure out goal times go to and enter in your most recent race times. It will spit out race times based on that and will give you training run paces as well.

    As far as your next goal… how about another half? Now that you have a benchmark time, train to beat it.

  3. Amy W says:

    As you know, went ahead for another half. I didn’t like not training for anything either.

    And I don’t think I ever have it in me for a full. But I guess you should never say never.

    Still up for running sometime, and I swear, I am not that fast. My friend was killing me with her pace last Sunday.

  4. rubber7soul says:

    Rundad – Thanks for stopping by!

    Lisa – Thanks for the link :).

    Amy – I am definitely up for running together too. I am going out of town for work next week so maybe we can schedule something for when I return.

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