Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Enter Doubt, stage left

on February 23, 2010

My legs hurt and I feel like a big ol’ blob cause I keep eating more calories than I am burning.  I am used to running more and sitting around less.  In this time we call taper, the doubt is invading my mind.  Can I really run 13 miles without falling over and dying?  Why are my legs hurting so much?  Why did I think this was a good idea?

My past two short runs (before today) were craptastic.  One of my hamstring muscles has been bugging me for a while now and it is taking me back to when I ran the Run and Plunge 5K in Feb. of last year.  After that race I thought my leg was going to fall off because I ran with an injury.  I am hoping that with all the resting I have been doing before the half that my muscle will be okay on race day.  As of right now I can run without changing my gait and while running I am not in pain.  Sometimes when I am walking my muscle gets a little achy.  Seems like most everything I have read says that if you don’t have to change your gait or compensate then it is okay to run.  I am going to go with that.

My run today started out terrible.  My legs felt like tightly wound rubber bands and just didn’t want to move.  I was forcing myself to go slow, be relaxed and to breath easy.  It was tough!  Finally, after about a mile and a half my legs loosened up and I got the “I can do this forever” feeling.  Oh, how I have missed that feeling.  At the beginning of my run I was thinking – how the hell am I going to run 13 miles on Saturday if my legs feel like THIS!  Near the end I was back to thinking – I can run 13 miles because I have trained for it.  Now I just have to keep repeating that over and over again.

My husband asked if I was excited about the race a few days ago.  I told him I was more nervous and I wished I had a friend to do it with me since 13 miles is a long way to go alone.  He said he would do it with me if we could find someone to watch Ian!  He hasn’t trained for it at all.  As amazing as it is for him to offer to do that for me, I just can’t let him.  One of us needs to be able to move the next day to chase our 3 year old around ;).  That’s love though.  Honey, I will run 13 miles with you, even though I have never done it before, just so you don’t have to do it alone.

I think I will end this with a daily affirmation Stuart Smalley style – “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me!”


4 responses to “Enter Doubt, stage left

  1. Amy W says:

    I would run it with you if I could! I had a pretty crappy 2 mile run yesterday…not fun.

  2. Robin says:

    Put doubt aside, friend. You will have an AMAZING half! I’m soooo excited for you and will be running with you in spirit. (Hold me to it… don’t know you in person, but I know what it means to feel nervous for the first-ever half marathon. Mine’s supposed* to be next week – more on this later. So just remember: you will NOT be running alone. We all run together. Sending you virtual hugs and race day cheers! And kudos to hubby for being so awesome! (I’ve got one of those, too… took a long time to find! ha ha) Thanks for the follow – on blog and twitter.

    HUGS from Orlando!!

    P.S. Takes me 2 solid miles to get the lead out of my legs – I hear ya’!

  3. You will do it!! And you will ask yourself over and over why you are doing it during the race…but I asure you knoce you cross that finish line you will be signing up for another.

    GOOD LUCK! And thank you for your comment on Tall Mom

  4. rubber7soul says:

    Thanks for the confidence boost y’all! I appreciate it so very much.

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