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That costs how much?!

on February 22, 2010

I have learned over the years that bras are expensive.  You can’t go cheap if you have big boobs.  I am talking about the land beyond DD.  I can’t shop at Victoria Secret.  They don’t carry my cup size.  I realize all this may be TMI, but I am getting to a point here about running, really I am.  Anyway, I have to buy bras at Nordstrom.  I have found that they carry the brands that I like in the sizes that I need.  In general I have to drop about $65 on one bra.  I knew when I went in search of a new sports bra that I was going to be spending a lot of money.  The reality is if I want to find something with proper fit and all it most likely won’t be cheap.

For a while now I have been making it work with the sports bras that I have and that means a horrible case of uniboob.  Also the one that fits the best has a shoulder strap been rubbing the skin off my shoulder on my long runs.  The bras that I have are made by Champion and I honestly didn’t think I was going to find another one in that brand that was going to work for me.  I got my current bras at Dick’s Sporting Goods and looked around recently, but they didn’t have my size.  I keep seeing the bras that zip in the front and thought that looked like a great idea.  I can now say that for people like me, not such a good idea.  It was kinda like trying to wrestle something back into the box/packaging it came in after opening it, taking it out and putting it together.  It just never seems to go back in the way it was ever again.  I tried a Moving Comfort zip front and the Enell hook and eye front closure type.  I never successfully got myself into either one of those bras.  As I was struggling with each bra, I thought to myself, do I REALLY want to go through THIS every time I get dressed for a run.  That answer was NO and I gave up even trying to put it on.  The last bra I tried on was a Champion bra with underwire.  Before I tried it on I was thinking I was going to HATE having underwire in a sports bra.  Turns out I like it a lot for a couple reasons: 1) provides the structure to the bra that I need to keep the girls in place and 2) The structure stops the uniboob look!  The underwire doesn’t dig into my ribcage and I found the bra to be comfortable.  Most important there is very little bounce.

The Enell bra

The Moving Comfort Bra

Moving Comfort Grace bra

The Champion bra – the pictured one is w/out underwire but the one I bought looks the same

Champion Powersleek Sports Bra

I can honestly see how once you got into the Enell bra that it would be awesome.  I don’t have that kind of patience though and I am a person that doesn’t like fighting with my clothing.  Now for the price.  The Champion bra was about $42 and the Enell and Moving Comfort bras were both in the $60 to $65 range.  I was happy for once in my life to like the product that didn’t cost the most.  That almost never happens to me.  Now I need to find the Champion bra online and on sale so I can buy a few more in different colors.

I forgot to mention that I went on my sports bra shopping excursion at my local Fleet Feet Sports in Raleigh.  I love them.  The people who work there are very helpful and knowledgeable.

I have also been on a search for running tights that don’t cost $100, but so far have not been successful.  I also have to be able to try those on first.  I am tall (a little over 5’10”) and have to check length.  Anyone know where I can get my hands on some?  Seems like everywhere stores are getting rid of winter stock.  I hate that they turn everything over way before a season ends.


One response to “That costs how much?!

  1. Kellie Myers says:

    I saw your comment on a Pay It Forward blog (running circles around turtles) and was shocked to see you mention The Parker Reese Foundation. My son was born with CDH and was featured in the article. We were blessed with the services of the Foundation and I wanted to personally thank you for mentioning it. I am so happy that the story touched your heart.

    Feel free to stop by our blog anytime!

    Take care,

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