Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Krispy Kreme Challenge 2010

on February 7, 2010

I got up so very early this morning to run 2 miles, eat some donuts and then run 2 more miles.  The Krispy Kreme Challenge was a race started by a couple of NCSU students  several years ago.  It started with just a few people and the race this year was capped at 6,000 runners.  The race proceeds are donated to the NC Children’s Hospital.  The race is lots of fun and this was my second year doing it.  It has become a right of passage for State students, so there are a lot of students in the race, but there are also people that come from all over the country to do it.  One of the most amusing things about the race is the people in costume.  Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to carry a camera in while running.  So, I couldn’t get pictures of some of the costumes this year.  I have ordered a SPIbelt and look forward to carrying a camera with me for future races :).

The race itself was mass chaos last year.  This year it was very organized and I was so happy to see that some of the kinks had been worked out.  The only two downfalls for the race this year was the massive road construction going on in front of the Belltower (not that they can do anything about that) and the difficulty finding water at the Krispy Kreme again.  The donuts were handed out with speed and efficiency.  Finding the water around the corner and completely obstructed by donut eaters was frustrating.  I wish that they would have had a second chute with water the way they had the donuts.  Overall, though a much better process!

The run to the Krispy Kreme went well and it is mostly downhill.  I think we made good time on our way there.  I forgot to check my watch.  I think we only took one walk break on the major hill right before the Krispy Kreme.  I ate 3 donuts this year and thought about eating more, but was a little concerned about it coming back up.  Maybe I will try 6 next year.  The run back is tough.  All the lovely downhill on the way to the KK is now brutal uphill mixed with shaken donuts.  You also have to dodge puke puddles and yes it is as gross as it sounds.  On the way back I had to take a couple of walk breaks.  The last half mile of the race is pretty much a steady incline.  I wanted to stop and walk again, but Caroline was the great motivator and we pushed through.  I don’t have the official race results yet, but by my watch I did the race in 1 hour and 2 minutes.  I was hoping to do it in under an hour, but didn’t quite make it this time around.  It is a big improvement from my time last year though!

Me and Caroline waiting for the starting gun



The pictures aren’t the best quality cause they are from an iPhone, but something is better than nothing!


One response to “Krispy Kreme Challenge 2010

  1. Amy W says:

    There is NO WAY I could eat donuts and run!!

    Hey, I would LOVE a local running buddy, and you are my pace! And I can lure you with my Garmin.

    Please send me an email so we can run together soon. I am running the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon this weekend, and my last “long run” this past weekend I had 11:00min miles. And I walked too.

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