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Pay It Forward 500 Club

on January 27, 2010

I keep stumbling around bloggy land and finding some very cool blogs to read.  I recently discovered (as in today!) this blog and found a very cool idea.  Robin at Running Circles Around the Turtles has set up a challenge to run/walk or just plain move 500 miles and donate 10 cents a mile to your favorite charity.  How awesome is that!

I have been looking for a way to give my running some additional purpose.  The stress relief, cardio, weight loss benefits are great, but I wanted to find a reason beyond just me.  Don’t get me wrong here, I do run for my son and husband as well.  A happy Mom and Wife are good for them too.  The 500 club adds that extra motivation I need to get out there and do a little more.  Last year I think I ran a little over 400 miles for the year.  I didn’t start tracking my miles until March of 2009 and when I added that up I hit 365 miles in 2009.  I have also added a little link to DailyMile and will track my miles there if you want to follow along with my progress.  I don’t know how to get the widget from DailyMile to work with WordPress so that it updates here so you don’t have to navigate away.  I am just not all that blog savvy.

Who will I be donating my money to, you ask.  Well, a while back I was reading pretty*swell’s blog and she linked to an article in the News and Observer about The Parker Reese Foundation.  My heart was touched.  I have thought about that foundation since I read the article.  I can’t imagine the stress of having a baby with a birth defect and wondering if you will have access to the care your baby needs.  I also can’t imagine worrying about where you will stay while your child is in the hospital.

The 500 club will help me run with purpose.  I am running to not only log more miles than ever before, but the more I run, the more I donate.  If there is anyone out there actually reading this blog and you would like to match my donation I welcome the additional support!


2 responses to “Pay It Forward 500 Club

  1. mannel inc says:

    Hey what a great thing Have enjoyed the new posts. I have an old high school friend that has a son that has CDH and the Parker Reese foundation also caught my eye because I have nephews named Parker and Reese on top of that. I will have to see the movie to really get the whole picture. Take care and give extra kisses to your budding movie critic. JPM

  2. Robin says:

    I’m so glad you found the Turtle crew in bloggy land! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m thrilled you’ll be running with us in the Pay it Forward 500 Mile Club. Running with a purpose…fantastic!

    Welcome and HUGS from Orlando! 🙂


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