Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Bring on the pain

on January 26, 2010

It has gotten a bit dusty in here.  I haven’t been very good about keeping up with my blog recently as you can see since it has been forever since I have posted.  Let me see if I can remember where I left off…

Oh yeah, I was working on C25K again.  Well, I am proud to say that we finished up with the program again and I have done mostly all running with my short (short being 3-5 miles) runs.  I am not so hardcore that if I am not feeling it that day I won’t stop and walk, I do take a walk break if needed.  I know my body well enough that if I don’t do what it tells me I will end up in a Doctor’s office.  I also want to make sure I find joy in running and if that means stopping to smell the roses, then I will.

I am also working off of two different training plans trying to get my mileage up with the hope that I will complete my first half marathon in February or March.  The Jeff Galloway program is a long one since it incorporates walk breaks into the long run.  It also has you run 14 miles a couple weeks before race day in prep for the 13.1.  The Hal Higdon program is shorter and has higher mileage goals during the week and more running than the Galloway program.  Galloway only has you running 3 times a week.  Higdon has 4 days of running plus cross training.  I have found that combining the two has been a fun mix for me.

I am doing my best to not set a hard date for the half this time.  I want to do it when my body feels ready.  It seems like if I get a date stuck in my head I just push and push and then end up hurting myself.  I would love to do the Crystal Coast Half Marathon in Morehead City on February 27th.  It is flat which is a big plus for me and it is really close to my hometown.  However, if it doesn’t happen, that is okay (I have to keep telling myself that).  There are other races that I can do, like the one on the American Tobacco Trail in Cary in March!

Speaking of races, I signed up for the Krispy Kreme Challenge again yesterday.  I look forward to doing that one again and my friend Caroline is going to run it with me.  I might get crazy and try to eat more than 1 donut this time!  I also want to finish in under an hour this time.  I don’t think that will be a problem if getting around the Krispy Kreme isn’t as nuts this year as it was last year.  I also hope to run the Ukrops Monument Ave 10K in Richmond in March with my husband.  That race is huge (can have a field of 35,000 runners!).  We are planning to go up and run with my Brother-in-law and celebrate his birthday.  I would also like to do the Cary Road Race again this year and would like to do the 10K this year.  I really need to build a race calendar to keep track of all of this!

I did a long run of 8 miles this past weekend.  The longest I have ever run is 9 miles, so I was nervous about doing the 8.  I had a plan of attack though.  I have noticed that when I hit about the 45 minute mark in my runs my energy hits the floor.  It doesn’t matter what I have eaten that morning or even the day before.  So, I finally picked up some Gu Chomps to try out for my 8 miler.  They made a huge difference.  I ate some at 45 minutes in and then again at an hour and a half in to my run.  Normally, when I get done with a run like that I want to fall over and die from exhaustion.  I didn’t get that feeling at the end of my run.  I was tired, but not the dead tired I am used to.  I also bought some sport beans to try so I can get a feel for what works best for different distances.

Mileage so far this month:

1/6/10 – 3 miles/12:30 avg pace

1/7/10 – 5.75 miles/12:40 avg pace

1/12/10 – 4 miles/12:13 avg pace

1/14/10 – 3.5 miles/12:05 avg pace

1/17/10 – 3.5 miles/12:00 avg pace

1/19/10 – 5 miles/12:48 avg pace

1/22/10 – 3 miles/12:37 avg pace

1/23/10 – 8 miles/12:30 avg pace (this should be slower)


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