Slow and Steady Wins the Race

She’s Like The Wind

on October 6, 2009

Maybe that title is a bit over the top, but I was fast today (fast for me anyway).  I had one of those running days that make all the pain and suffering worth it.  I had a breakthrough.  I didn’t have the intention of running non-stop when I set out.  I just decided to go with the flow.  As long as I could breathe, I was going to keep running no matter what my legs were saying.  So I started running and I just kept on going.  It felt a little bit like that part in Forrest Gump when he says he is just going to run to the end of the road and then just keeps picking a new destination as he is running.  I didn’t cross the United States a few times, but I did run a mile and a half without stopping and for me that is a great accomplishment.  I haven’t run continuously in months and months.  Partly because I have had so many injuries I wanted to be easy on my body and partly because I just got used to walk breaks.  I still believe in the Galloway method a great deal, but I really want to be able to run over 3 miles again without stopping.  I have not completed a 5K without walking and I really want to before the end of the year.  Today I was able to run 2.5 miles with 3 short walk breaks.  The first walk break was after 1.5 miles, the second walk break was at mile 2 and the third was at the end of my run.  I feel pretty confident that I could cut them out completely if I really pushed.  I might collapse at the end, but I know I can do it.

My pace today was an 11 min. mile!  2.5 miles in 28 minutes.  I am very happy with that!


One response to “She’s Like The Wind

  1. Suzanne says:

    Awesome! Go, Ann!!!

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