Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Doctor, Doctor give me the news

on August 19, 2009

When I went to the Podiatrist yesterday I had high hopes that he would tell me I could resume running as long as I eased into it.  Apparently that was wishful thinking.  Instead he told me that he had two options for me.  Option 1 – have an MRI to get a definitive diagnosis.  Option 2 – wear an immobilizer for 3 weeks.  Why you ask, were these the options that I was given.  Well, he said that since I was still having pain I needed to continue to heal.

I have been lying to myself a little bit and have been trying to convince myself that it isn’t that bad.  If I am being honest with myself, I limp for a little while when I get up in the morning and after sitting for long periods of time.  I have a good bit of pain and stiffness after activities like the stationary bike or walking or standing for long periods of time.  Is this the worst pain I have ever endured…nope.  Does that mean I don’t have an injury that needs more time to heal, probably not.  I still didn’t want to hear what he had to say though.

Which option did I choose?  Neither one.  The MRI is way too expensive.  I would have to essentially pay for it out of pocket because my insurance doesn’t cover them until the deductible is met.  We haven’t paid anything towards our deductible.  That means the MRI would cost me about $1000.00 and I just don’t have the laying around.  I didn’t take the immobilizer at the time cause I was and still am in a little bit of denial.  I don’t want to wear a brace because the damn things drive me insane.  I don’t like having a non-function limb.  I also asked the Dr. if I wear supportive shoes and don’t have a limp if I am doing more damage without the brace.  He said I wasn’t.  So, that gave me a reason not to wear it.  ALL of my runner friends tell me what an idiot I am for not getting the brace.  I still haven’t admitted defeat and called the doctor to get it yet.

I know for sure now that I will not be able to run the OBX half and that makes me want to cry.  I have been training for it for so long now that not having that payoff at the end is mega frustrating.  I know that there are other half’s to run and I have already looked at some of them.  It just sucks and I want to whine about it a little…okay a lot.

I need to find a different form of exercise that I can do so I don’t become a complete blob and lose all of the endurance I have been building over the past few months.  Three more weeks of not running seems like forever.  The past two weeks have about driven me crazy.  Funny how I learned to love something so much that I never thought I would.


2 responses to “Doctor, Doctor give me the news

  1. mannel inc says:

    Get a new puppy! You’ll be running around after that thing and that’ll make you stay in shape.

  2. swellmama says:

    Maybe swimming? Easy on the joints. There’s a new aquatic center in Cary that’s supposed to be awesome. Hang in there!

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