Slow and Steady Wins the Race


on March 8, 2009

I have been dealing with a painful muscle injury since February 25th.  I think it is my hamstring but I am not familiar enough with the muscle groups to be sure.  What I do know is that walking is painful some days and if I catch the edge of my office chair with the back of my leg it is painful enough to make me almost fall to the floor.  My running has been sidelined in a big way this past week.  I want to rest my leg, but I am afraid all the endurance I have spent the past 4 months building will evaporate in a matter of weeks.  So, I have been riding the bike to keep up with exercise and my endurance.  I tried running on Thursday for the first time and while it was a bit uncomfortable for my leg it wasn’t painful enough that I felt I needed to stop.  I ran about a mile and a quarter and as soon as I stopped running and started walking I was in a lot of pain.  I was sore yesterday and didn’t do any exercise.  My leg felt pretty good when I woke up this morning so I decided to go for an easy run.  I ran for a while and took walk breaks as needed.  For probably the first mile and a half I didn’t have any pain and the walking seemed to be helping.  Then, as I neared the 2 mile mark the pain came back and I quit running altogether.  I was still about a half mile from home though so I had a ways to walk back.  The pain got progressively worse as I was walking back to the house.  I iced my leg for about an hour when I got home and that has helped with the pain. 

It is so frustrating to be injured and not even know what happened to cause this.  I still don’t have a clue where this came from and I have been dealing with it for about a week and a half now.  I may have to cave and go to the Doctor even though I hate going and feel like it is a big waste of time.  Most of the time my Orthopedist just says go to physical therapy.  I haven’t ever found PT to be all that helpful and I can do the same exercises at home without having to pay $30 a visit.  I know that going to the Doctor would help me rule out things that could be serious like a muscle tear, but I just don’t think I did tear it or anything like that.  Everyone tells me if that had happened I would have felt it when it happened.  My self diagnosis is that it has something to do with my knees.  They are the root of all my problems.  I am hoping with the increased bike riding and the core exercises I am adding in that my hamstring or whatever it is problem will go away.  Yeah, I am in denial and I like it here very much.

I will see how my running goes next week.  I will continue to take it easy on the distance and incorporate walking.  If I don’t see any improvement I will make an appointment with the Doc. *sigh*


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