Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Run N’ Plunge 5K – I did it!!!

on February 28, 2009

Late last night I was checking the weather hoping that the rain that was forecasted had magically disappeared.  I was given false hope by since the forecast there said that the rain would happen later in the day.  When I watched the news before going to bed the ABC weather guy said that it was going to rain  Running a race in the rain, yuck.  When I got up bright and early this morning at 6:45 a.m. to get ready it was dark, dreary and raining.  And I must say that I can’t believe that I am getting up that early in the morning to go running in the rain!!  Who am I?

I called Holly to make sure she was still meeting me to run the race.  I thought for sure she was going to bail especially since yesterday at work she threatened to murder me when she found out it was going to rain today.  I think the only reason that she actually went through with the race is because she had already paid the $25 registration fee.  

We made our way over the the centennial campus at NC State and I was happy to see someone giving some directions on the best place to park!  This event had a lot less people participating than the Krispy Kreme Challenge did and so getting our bib numbers, timing chips and t-shirts was quick and painless.  Gabby sprinted up close to the start time and we got ready to run.

The one thing that is rough with running these races is not knowing the course or the terrain.  We started off and it didn’t take long for Holly to leave me and Gabby in the dust.  Lucky for me, Gabby was keeping my pace :).  It was so nice to have a running buddy!  I have been having some trouble with my hamstring the past few days and wasn’t certain that I was going to be able to run today.  My hamstring was feeling really tight this morning and it was a rough start at the beginning of the race.  The first part of the course was also up an incline and I usually struggle the most at the beginning of my runs.  I need time to find my rhythm and hills at the beginning suck!  As we were running we would ask people along the way where we were on the course and no one knew!!  Come on people you gotta give the people that are running some idea how much further they have to go.  The volunteers would just say, not much further, keep going!  The encouragement was appreciated but the people way down the road just said not much further!  It was kinda like being a little kid in the car on a road trip before you had the concept of time.  Anyway, we finally made it up a steady incline that felt like it went on forever and turned a corner to find the water stop.  That had to be the halfway mark but it felt like we had run at least 2 miles already.  Hills do funny things to your concept of distance.  We finally made it to a good downhill portion and I got my rhythm and was feeling good.  I think we kept a really good pace for the last half of the race and it helped make up for the first half in which I had to take 2 walk breaks of about a minute each.  After the downhill we made a few turns and then we were at the finish with a time of about 39:48!  Woohoo!  I met my goal of finishing in under 40 minutes!  Holly had finished a few minutes before us.  As soon as I started walking my hamstring was screaming at me and I realized how soaked I was.  I even had water in my shoes that would squish when I took a step.  Unlike the KK Challenge we got water, fruit, power bars, vitamin water, red bulls and various other things when we finished if we wanted them.  I would have liked to have stuck around for the awards and the Polar Plunge part of the event, but since it was raining and the temperature was falling we just wanted to get out of there to get dry and warm.

Sorry to say that I don’t have any pictures from the event.  My Dad is out of town and I didn’t want Jack and Ian standing in the cold and rain to take pictures.  I do plan on doing another event at the beginning of April and hope we can get some pictures at that one.  That event is called the Cary Road Race and I need to decide if I am going to try and run the 5K or 10K.  I will most likely start a 10K training program and if I can get up to 5 miles before the event I will just do the 10K.  What is another 1.2 miles when you have already run 5! 😛

Thanks for all the support during my journey to running a 5K.  I have new goals and new challenges ahead so stay tuned!


One response to “Run N’ Plunge 5K – I did it!!!

  1. janet says:

    congrats i even referenced you in a staff meeting yesterday when somebody laughed about a race that’s coming up – i encouraged them to considerf your program jpm

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