Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Graduation Day!

on February 23, 2009

I ran 3.1 miles today!  Are you as shocked and amazed as I am?  

I was planning on doing 3.1 today but intended on walking part of it since I didn’t think I could run the whole thing.  Since I had run 2.5 miles on Friday I knew I could at least go that far.  I was at the park running on the track and knowing how much farther I had to go to make it to 3 miles made it difficult to quit at 2.5.  I just decided if I had gone 2.5 I may as well just keep going and run the full 3.1.  Once I get to about a mile it is mind over matter for me to keep running anyway.  At this point I have pretty much found my breathing rhythm.  The struggle comes with keeping my legs going when they start to hurt.  I usually have moments where my legs scream at me and then the pain goes away for a while and then I have to run up a slope or a hill and the pain comes back.  I had the added pain of knives in my knees today towards the end.  The track at the park is not level in many places and it makes it not fun to run on at times.  I had to ice my knees for an hour after I came home.

The run today took me about 43 minutes and I am hoping to complete the race on Saturday in under 40 minutes.  Shaving a full 3 minutes off my time could prove to be difficult but ultimately my goal is just to run the whole thing and finish.

I consider myself a graduate of the couch to 5k program even though I never “officially” did week 9.  The goal of the program is to run 3.1 miles and I have attained that goal.  I am in awe of the human body.  It was just weeks ago that I would run 60 seconds and think I was going to die.  The first session I actually couldn’t run all the 60 second intervals.  If anyone is considering taking up running I highly recommend this program.  It is incredibly challenging at times but incredibly rewarding when you achieve the milestones along the way.

I will post about the race on Saturday and hopefully will have some pictures to share as well.  Now, I need to think about some of the races throughout the year that I would like to do and if I want to start a 10k training program.


One response to “Graduation Day!

  1. mannel inc says:

    make sure you put some pictures with yourself in them on the blog…i didn’t get the full effect last time just a far away picture of a person I think that was you crossing the finish line. congrats on acheiving your goal

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