Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Week 8, Day 2

on February 20, 2009

I ended up taking Thursday off from running since I had a meeting late in the day yesterday at work.  I thought it best not to smell like BO when I had a business meeting and I am sure the guy I was meeting with appreciated that.  Instead of running on Thursday I hopped on the recumbent bike at home after work.  I have been slacking off on my cross training and I can feel it in my knees.  I know it isn’t good when I can actually feel my IT band pulling my kneecap while running.  Anywho, I did 5 miles on the bike last night – yay me.

My goal during the week this week was to run for time and the couch to 5K program has a goal of 28 minute runs for week 8.  I failed at running 28 minutes on Tuesday.  Today I ran not 28 minutes but a whopping 32 minutes!!!  My total distance was 2.5 miles!  I had a pretty good pace and I actually thought I was running slower than I normally do.  My breathing was the best I think it has ever been on a run.  I never felt like I was dying (well, except for once going up a hill at the end) because I couldn’t catch my breath.  The only struggle I had was with my legs.  My legs were screaming at me after the first quarter mile and I would push through it and then the screaming would return.  The concrete sidewalks are really giving my knees a beating.  I won’t run on the road in this office park either cause I know some doofus would probably hit me.

I have this weekend and the early part of next week left for training and then the 5K is next Saturday!  I can’t believe it is almost here already.  After today I feel like I might actually be able to run the whole thing.  I think the key is going to be eating properly the morning of the race and the night before.  I will also take the two days prior to the race off from running so I am nice and rested on race day.  I am hoping I can finish the race in under 40 minutes.  This weekend I am going to hit the track at the park and go for 3 miles and see how long it takes.


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