Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Krispy Kreme Challenge!

on February 8, 2009

Yesterday was a great day for a race.  The morning was a bit chilly, but it started to warm up quickly.  It didn’t get too hot in the morning so the run was quite pleasant.  I think the organization of the race was pretty terrible.  You had to go to one place for your bib number, another for your t-shirt, another for your timing chip and yet another place for the bracelet to put your timing chip around your ankle.  Yah, ridiculous.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense for them to give you all those things at one time!  There was no “packet” pick-up it was an individual things pick-up.  I realize it is a big event for students to organize and as it grows it would make sense for someone who has experience with these kinds of large events to take over.  The chaos at Krispy Kreme was even worse, but I will get to that.

The crowd

Waiting for the race to start - Do you see me?

I made my way down the street to get ready for the start and it was very cool to see all the people.  When the starting gun went off and we saw the crowd ahead of start down the road it was incredible to see the waves of people running down Hillsborough Street.  It took a while to get to the starting mat, but once I got there I could start running.  Since I am a slow runner it didn’t take long for people to start passing me left and right including Brad and Gina.  Holly is sick and was not able to run with us.  I was feeling pretty good for the first part of the run.  I wasn’t really sure if I would try and run the whole 2 miles to KK or if I would stop at some point and conserve energy for the run back.  I ran until I got to a good uphill part of Peace St. so in all I think I ran about a mile and a half or maybe more.  As I started to get closer the the KK, there were people starting the run back!  

I made it to KK, but didn’t think to look at my iPod to see what time it was.  I didn’t really want to concern myself with time during the race, but looking back I wish I had made a mental note.  My goal with the race was to just have fun and not worry about how long it took or how much of it I ran.  Anyway, the crowd at KK was insane.  There was no organization to speak of and very few volunteers trying to give directions.  They didn’t even have megaphones.  Shouting over voices 1000’s of people is impossible.  I finally heard a girl say that we had to make our way around the store to get donuts.  I stood in the crowd and passed loads of empty tables where donuts had once been, but couldn’t seem to find a table that actually had donuts.  There was also no sign of water anywhere.  There were large groups of people that had gotten donuts and were blocking the path of people trying to get to the donuts.  Did no one think that there should be an eating section and a get your donuts section?  Obviously no one had put a lot of thought into this.  The sad thing is this is the 5th year of the challenge, so you would think someone would have learned something in the previous years.  After about 15 minutes or so I finally found the donuts and then had to go in search of water.  Again, you would think that signs would have been put up to direct you to water, but no such luck.  I found the water at the front of the store finally.  One little table for 5000 people.  I have my water and my donuts and the thought of eating one donut really makes me want to yak.  However, I felt obligated to eat at least one.  Oh, and there was a guy a mere 10 feet away from me puking his guts out (retching sounds and all).  Really made me want to eat that donut even more.  I managed to eat my donut and drank some water.  The donut was actually pretty good and I briefly contemplated taking the rest of the box back to the finish line with me.  Then I started thinking about the weight of the box and how annoyed I would get with carrying it after like the first 1/4 mile.  I abandoned the thought of taking the donuts back pretty quickly.  I maneuvered my way back out to the road (avoiding puke along the way) and started the journey back to the finish line.  

The run back was a little more difficult since I have never run more than 2 miles before.  I think I ran for less than a mile and took a break.  Whenever there was an uphill portion I would run a little and then walk the rest.  I tried to run the flat parts.  When I saw the finish line I ran the rest of the way in and it felt great to have completed my first race.  Holly got a picture of me crossing the finish line and I will add pic’s from the race when I get them from her.  All in all I think I ran about 3 miles total and walked a mile.  Not bad.  

At the finish line!


After I got my timing chip cut off we went in search of water.  Guess what…no more water.  They ran out!

The results from the timing chip says I had a 14:15 pace and my overall time was 1 hour 15 minutes.  If I do the race again next year, I would like to get my time down to under an hour.  It would be fun to do the race with a bunch of people.  I think before I would commit to doing it again though I would like to see that more thought was put into the organization at the KK and having enough fluids for people at the end.

I am looking forward to the 5K on February 28th!


3 responses to “Krispy Kreme Challenge!

  1. gabrielle says:

    Yay! I’m happy that you had a good race, but I can’t believe how disorganized it was. How frustrating! And how the hell do you run out of WATER at a RACE? Damn.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until the 28th! Woo hoo!

  2. mannel inc says:

    Where’s the other pictures? It seems like the caption with “cheesin it up would have a photo”. My imagination is not working so great these days Ann. Congrats on your race…it was such an event that it made the news in Cola! I was looking for ya but I guess you’ve whittled away to nothing because I didn’t see ya! Keep up the good work and great progress. All of this reminds me that so much of everything in life is a process, you don’t start out where you want to be and it takes a long time to get there and along the way you learn somethings about yourself, especially what you’re capable of. JPM

  3. Karl says:


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