Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Week 6, Day 1 – For real this time ;)

on February 1, 2009

It was a beautiful day for a run today.  I wish it had been one of those effortless kind of runs, but it wasn’t.  I don’t mean effortless in a not hard work kinda way, but the less of a mental struggle – enjoy it while you are doing it kinda way.  It wasn’t that.  My first 5 min. run was not bad.  The 8 min. run was kinda rough and I was concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other by the end of it.  The last 5 min. run had a rough middle but the beginning and end were good.  By the end of it I actually finally felt like I was getting into the “zone” and then I was done.  I am wondering if the struggle ever ends with running.  Do you ever get to the point where you don’t feel like you have to talk yourself into keeping your feet moving at some point in the run or is it just a given that you will always feel that at some point?

So, lets see what my distance for running was today.

First 5 min. run – .42 mile

8 min. run – .62 mile

Second 5 min. run – .46 mile

The total for the whole routine with walking was 2.33 miles.  Total walking time was 11 minutes.  That total is my warm up walk and the walks in between the runs, but not the cool down.  I didn’t factor that into my the total because I didn’t map it.  I ran a mile and a half so that is pretty good.

I am considering doing the Krispy Kreme Challenge on Saturday, but haven’t really committed my mind to it yet.  I should just sign up and have fun with it.  It would be nice to do a race before I do the Run N’ Plunge.  The Krispy Kreme Challenge is 4 miles total.  You run 2 miles to the the Krispy Kreme on Peace St. and then if you are a challenger you have to eat a dozen donuts and then run the 2 miles back.  I would just be doing the fun run cause there is no way in hell I would eat a dozen donuts and then run another 2 miles.  I think I have talked myself into doing it.  Hopefully there is still room left and I can register!

I will do Day 2 of Week 6 on Tuesday.  That is two 10 min. runs and will be a repeat for me since I did that on Friday.


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