Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Week 5, Day 4

on January 25, 2009

Today’s run was a mess.  I won’t say it was a disaster, but it was pretty close.  I was trying to repeat my 20 minute run success that I had on the treadmill on Thursday.  Instead I ran for a good 9 minutes and had to take a break.  Not too bad, right.  Well, I just fell apart after that.  I tried walking for about a minute and then tried to start back up again.  I was going uphill and had to take a break again after I got up the hill.  I took another break for about a minute and then tried to start up again, but no joy.  I just couldn’t seem to control my breathing or get into a rhythm.  I couldn’t concentrate on my music and take my mind off the struggle I was having with my body to get it to do what I wanted it to.  I finally just ran when I could and stopped when I felt I had to.  I was able to get about a 4 minute run in at the end.  Unfortunately, I felt like I was going to puke and then pass out when I stopped.  That was a first.

On the upside I ran almost a full mile on my first 9 minute run.  A mile outside is much different than a mile on the treadmill, so I am proud of that accomplishment.  I think my next run outside will be better.  The office park is more forgiving than my neighborhood.  The hills are not as long and steep.  Even if I can’t do the whole 20 minutes it can’t be as bad as today!

I also seem to be allergic to something outside.  Whenever I run outside now I have a crazy allergy attack when I am done that lasts for the rest of the day.  I have no idea what is blooming in January, but it is killing me.  I haven’t had problems with my allergies in years.  At least I can get Claritin over the counter now.

Gabby – you asked about the treadmill.  I use a treadmill at my friend Holly’s gym on the days I don’t want to run outside or can’t run outside.  I try to run outside as much as I can since it is more of a challenge and when I get used to the treadmill running outside is painful.  I have a recumbent bike at home that I use on my off running days to help build up my quad strength and keep my knees from acting up.  I got my recumbent bike at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I bet you could probably find a treadmill on Craigslist.  I haven’t researched treadmills so can’t give you much help on recommending one.


One response to “Week 5, Day 4

  1. gabrielle says:

    Sorry your run was a slog. Some days are like that. But at least you got through it, even if you didn’t run as much as you wanted, and you can be proud of that. 🙂

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