Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Week 4, Day 3

on January 10, 2009

Disaster.  That is the word for today’s run.

I was feeling low on energy from the start.  I changed my route too which may have been a bad idea.  The first 3 minute run was okay.  I did feel like I was pushing to get through it, but made it.  The first five minute run was going okay, but the last part of it was going up a hill and I just ran out of gas.  I had to stop about 3.5 minutes in.  The second 3 minute run was actually okay.  I did have some progress on that one cause I was running up the same hill that would kill me in Week 3 and I actually ran up it without feeling like passing out.  The last 5 minute run was a battle from the start.  I had to walk up a hill about a minute in and then ran the rest so it was about a 4 minute run actually.  I knew that running outside was going to be difficult, but this was worse than I anticipated.  I think I really need to find some flatter terrain to run outside so I can see how I do.  The hills are just killing me.  I will stay on Week 4 next week and run outside at the office park next week to try and build up some more endurance.  The office park has some hills too but I don’t think it is a bad as my neighborhood.

I hope Monday is a better day.  Today was very discouraging…


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